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The Best Eco-Friendly Travel Products 2019

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Hey you! I know why you're here. You want to discover the very best environmentally friendly, green, travel sized products for your upcoming trip!

An Eco-Friendly Hygiene Routine, Even When Travelling?

This blog attempts to address products that would naturally not be provided by lodge, hotel, cruise or tour operators. So, sit tight and hold on as we take you through our very favourite products this year.


Naturally, the bulkiest elements in your suitcase will be clothes and general tech gear (phone, camera, etc). But after this, whats left? The essentials. Almost, if not all of your hygiene products can be covered and purchased to better help the environment and your travel experience! The first item is potentially the most popular, and found in a multitude of homes today - the bamboo toothbrush. 

There is a huge range available on the market today but our favourite, completely biodegradable item, containing BPA free bristles, is the Mother's Vault Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush. You can find this product for a mere $7 online and you won't regret the price, as a percentage of each purchase is donated to Earthjustice - a non-profit law organisation who have represented the legal needs of environmental movements for free, since 1971. All the packaging for this toothbrush is compostable - this means fewer carbon emissions, no plastic waste and no chemicals in your body! It truly is one of the best recyclable products for home and away. Over 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced worldwide each year, but with your help, this number will decline rapidly, making an impact in our world today and the days to come.

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Our second best travel product is the Raw Elements sunscreen. You may not know that when you are protecting your skin from the sun daily, there is a huge background of production to create that product, that might just be harming mother earth. This sunscreen is not only packaged in biodegradable materials, but it is by far the best choice for the conscious consumer when travelling. The formula is versatile. No only does it tick the box of your regular needs and wants, (yes, it is water resistant and yes it can be used by infants all the way to adults), but it is also completely chemical free and reef safe! All of the active ingredients are sustainably sourced and either certified natural or completely organic. What could be better?

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Now, we know that cruising, hiking and vacationing in general can be quite strenuous. It might even get you a little sweaty, and thats why we suggest packing the Kopari natural deodorant. You can keep yourself feeling fresh and relaxed the entire time away from home with this 100% plant based, vegan deodorant. The main base to this product is coconut oil - you can literally use that stuff for anything, right? It’s a unique anti-bacterial blend from the gods, that will sooth and hydrate your underarms all day long. There are five contrastive scents to choose from, or even fragrance free for those of you who want to enjoy the simplest, non-allergenic, non-irritating deodorant on the market.

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Mosquito Repellent 

You’re here with us at Rainforest Cruises, so you probably have interest in taking up one of our fantastic cruises in the Amazon, Mekong or even the Galapagos. For many of our gorgeous vacation destinations you will find yourself at the potential mercy of mosquitos. And let’s face it, the last thing you want is trousers full of irritating insect bites. Murphy’s Naturals have thought ahead for you and created a wide range of DEET-free, plant based, natural mosquito repellents. 

Armoured with a pleasant fragrance, this family safe and earth friendly protection is available in a balm or spray. The ease of use means you can throw it in your bag and take it anywhere - even on our exclusive treks through the Amazon jungle. You can even choose to compliment your repellent with bite soothing relief balm, for those days you might get caught unluckily by those troublesome bugs.

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Menstrual Cup

Now, ladies this one is for you. Travelling can cause tons of anxiety if you’re expecting.. you know. But if your scheduled departure happens to coincide with that time of the month, you can travel comfortably and stress free - all whilst contributing to the longevity of the planets’ natural resources of course. The OrganiCup is a 100% medical grade, silicone menstrual cup that will quite literally change your life. It’s so good it’s even won awards - no, we’re not kidding. This re-usable product is sanitary, waste-diminishing and non-hazardous with no additives. Every order is transported in the most conscious way possible to ensure OrganiCups carbon footprint is as low as physically possible, even with expanding interest and demand.

The discreet travel bag is created from unbleached organic cotton, for private transportation and use. Using a menstrual cup is safe for all activities on your travel journey, whether it be snorkelling in Indonesia, bike riding in Lan Ha Bay or swimming with pink dolphins in the Amazon River. Switching to OrganiCup will minimise the sanitary products that end up in our landfills, beaches and oceans each year, with the added benefit of saving you a considerable sum of money each year. Who knows, with the money you save, you could extend your travel plans with a cultural land tour, or even donate it towards the communities and conversationalist charities in the wholesome destinations you know and love. 

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Onto The Gadgets

Its not all about just keeping clean and feeling your best - there are some gadgets out there we simply cannot travel without. Number one is a phone. Whether you are taking work calls in the airport, snapping pictures of rare and native wildlife, or watching cartoons with your kids, your mobile phone pretty much runs your life even when you switch off.

Phone Case

In 2019, backing up your travel itinerary, boarding passes and iconic vacation footage is not only super simple, but valuable. You have to protect your smartphone device from damages whilst on the move, and the best way is by using a zero-waste, plastic free phone case. The Pela compostable phone cases were designed to support a waste free future. Company founder Jeremy maintains a strong ethos; to foster creativity, live consciously, help communities and strive to always be courageous when disrupting the traditional ways of manufacturing, in the modern world. These beautiful phone cases are the very first to be 100% compostable - it will biodegrade right in your back yard! Each purchase supports 1% for the Planet, donating to significant causes, helping to keep our oceans and coastlines clean and healthy. 

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Can I Borrow A Charger? 

I think it’s safe to say we all purposely keep our gadgets nice and charged for whenever we next may need them. However, if you are the type of person who would regularly charge your devices on the go, the BigBlue solar powered charger is for you. I know you may be thinking, ok so solar powered chargers have been around for a while, right? But this specific product is aimed at you keen adventurers. You can literally hook it straight onto your bag, or leave it in the sun trap next to the hotel pool for a swift boost. Up to three USB connected items can be assisted at once with this powerful and foldable technology. This pocket rocket will wrap up, and flat pack to just the size of a small magazine. Top quality storage convenience - you can literally take it anywhere! With no built in lithium-ion battery, you are reducing the need for harsh lithium extraction in countries such as Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. Sadly, less than 5% of lithium-ion batteries from popular portable charging alternatives are currently recycled. Ramping up that solar power use will help reduce the predicted 11 million tons of waste (in lithium-ion batteries alone) before 2030. 

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I Can’t Wait To Travel With My New Eco-Friendly Products 

There is nothing better than knowing you are consciously contributing to the preservation process for future generations. At Rainforest Cruises we value every community and creature, from tall to small. The use of natural and compostable eco-friendly products helps maintain and sustain our stunning cruise destinations for all of our fortunate travellers. Grand vessels such as the Zafiro and the Delfin III provide personalised stainless steel, reusable water bottles to each passenger, to limit the use of single use plastic bottles on their cruises, just saying. If you have enjoyed reading our eco-friendly travel tips and would like to take a journey to remember with us please send us an enquiry or call us on 1-888-215-355. Once you have your digital itinerary in your email, pack your bag up with these fantastic environmentally conscious products, and get ready… set, go!

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