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The Treasure of Galapagos Cruise

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The Treasure of the Galapagos Cruise ship looks like it wouldn't be out of place harbored in Cannes with a celebrity or two on board. Its chic white exterior is complemented by its aerodynamic design and sleek interior. Overall, it is the perfect place to spend your vacation in the Galapagos Islands.


treasure of the galapagos cruise


About the Treasure of Galapagos Cruise


Perhaps one of the best things about the Treasure of the Galapagos is the fact that you will never need to share the boat with more than 15 other passengers. With a maximum of 16 guests on board, the boat always feels spacious and the communal areas maintain an ambiance of calm at all times. The low number of passengers also means each individual receives a more personal service from the on-board staff and naturalist guide.


There are nine cabins on board the Treasure of the Galapagos, eight balcony staterooms and one master suite. Each room has its own balcony, kitted out with chairs where you can relax away from the other guests and lose yourself in your thoughts as you gaze out across the water. The cabins also each have an ensuite and the master suite has a sitting room attached to the main bedroom. The décor of the bedrooms is light and airy, combining white paint with pale wooden features, giving the room a bright and dreamy feel to it.


Galapagos Islands Cruise


If you manage to tear yourself away from your beautiful cabin, there is even more excitement in store for you on the top deck of the boat. The pièce de resistance is the Jacuzzi, from which you will have panoramic views of the water and its islands. Once you’ve cooled off in the pool, there are sun loungers on the deck for guests who want to work on their tan in their downtime. There is also a bar in case you decide your experience would be even better with a drink in your hand.


Downstairs is the lounge, another communal area for passengers who want to hang out together in the evenings. Spark up conversation and make some new friends or bunker down with a book for an hour or two – the choice is yours. Next door is the dining room, from which emanates the smells of freshly prepared meals, guaranteed to blow you away.


treasure of Galapagos


The Treasure of Galapagos Itineraries


On each day of your vacation on board the Treasure of the Galapagos, you will get to experience two different sites within the Galapagos archipelago. The ship will set down its anchor, allowing everyone to disembark and head out on whichever exciting excursion has been planned for that part of the day. These activities will give you're the opportunity to spot Galapagos wildlife and explore nature both on land and underwater.


The ship plies three different routes – one through the central and eastern islands (itinerary A), another through the southern islands (itinerary B), and the third through the western islands (itinerary C). Each itinerary is unique but all of them give you the chance to have an intimate and profound experience on the various islands visited.


Galapagos Treasure cruise


A highlight of all the itineraries is snorkeling. The Galapagos Islands are teeming with incredible wildlife and much of it is found under the surface of the water. Strapping on some fins and a snorkeling mask is an excellent way to witness the beauty of the ocean bed and the creatures that inhabit it. Those who like to keep their feet on terra firma, however, need not worry. There are plenty of land-based wildlife watching experiences slotted into every itinerary. Be prepared to see giant tortoises, birds of all shapes and sizes, marine iguanas, sea lions and more.


Itineraries A and C include a visit to the Charles Darwin Station, where you will be able to learn all about the conservation efforts that are being made on the islands to protect and preserve the flora and fauna. The centre is sure to give you a newfound appreciation and respect for the natural world in which we live.


It is impossible to convey in mere words how exhilarating the Galapagos Islands are. Every island has its own personality and landscape with volcanoes, forests and sandy beaches all capable of being found somewhere in the archipelago. Take your camera, open your mind and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. For more information about the Treasure of Galapagos cruise, contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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