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Things to Do in Cambodia

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Cambodia is one of the lesser-visited countries in Southeast Asia, but by no means is that a reflection on what it has to offer. Cambodia is a quiet and unassuming country that will continually surprise you as you uncover the wealth of culture and natural beauty that can be found within its borders.


After decades of unrest, Cambodia is now enjoying an era of peace and stability. While there are still scars from its turbulent past, the country is recovering well and is ready to open its arms to visitors. With excellent cuisine, stunning islands, the fascinating Mekong River, and genuine and friendly people, there’s a lot to love about this Southeast Asian gem.


What To Do in Cambodia


Things to do in Cambodia

1. Explore Angkor Wat


Of course, the top spot on this list has to go to Angkor Wat. One of the wonders of the world and unrivalled in magnificence, this collection of temples can keep you occupied for days. Most people will rise before dawn on the first day of their visit in order to get to the complex to see the sunrise. Once that has been admired, visitors are free to wander around the temples and the temple grounds. Two and three day passes are available for those who want to spend more than just one day marvelling at Angkor Wat. Did you know Tomb Raider was filmed here at the Ta Prohm?


koh rong cambodia

2. Relax on Koh Rong


Koh Rong is the kind of island you dream about visiting. Located in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia, the island is blessed with white powder sand and a shimmering turquoise sea. This is the perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy the never-ending sunshine from the comfort of a hammock tied to two swaying coconut palms. The island is particularly well known for its coral reefs and there are some excellent snorkel and dive spots here.


Killing Fields Cambodia

3. Visit S21 & the Killing Fields


By far the most sobering experience you will have on your journey to Cambodia, the S21 prison and the Killing Fields form an important, but harrowing, part of Cambodian history. Located in Phnom Penh, S21, also known as Tuol Sleng, was originally a high school but was used as a prison during Pol Pot’s genocidal regime. Nowadays, it is a museum that details the country’s terrible history. The Killing Fields are an eerie oasis in the middle of the dusty capital. Once used for murdering opponents of the regime, it is now a touching memorial to those who were killed.


Fish Amok

4. Eat Fish Amok


The pride and joy of Khmer cuisine, fish amok is a mouth-watering curry made with fragrant spices, coconut milk and fresh fish. It is served with soft, sticky rice and will definitely have you hooked after the first bite. Fortunately, this dish can be found in various different forms all over the country. Of course, the closer to the water you are, the better the fish will be.


Mekong River Cruise

5. Cruise Along the Mekong River


A Mekong River Cruise is a great way to enrich your Cambodian vacation. The river offers a unique perspective to travelers and allows them to explore parts of the country that would otherwise by inaccessible. Keep your eyes peeled, as you float along this powerful waterway, for rare Irrawaddy dolphins and other marine wildlife that dwell in the sandy waters. 


Virachey National Park

6. Spot Wildlife in Virachey National Park


If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and want to immerse yourself in the flora and fauna native to Cambodia then Virachey National Park is a must. It is one of the largest conservation areas in the country and is home to a number of exotic creatures, including sun bears, elephants, gibbons, clouded leopards and great hornbills. The park is only accessible via organised treks, led by guides who know the park inside out. 


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