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Titilaka: Relais & Chateaux Boutique Lodge

  |   Peru

Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia, is the largest and, arguably, most popular lake in South America. Utterly immense, it is speckled with islands such as the Islas Uros on the Peruvian side; and Isla del Sol in Bolivia. All of which are well worth taking a day to visit. But, it is neither its size nor its islands that make Lake Titicaca so important.


It is said that Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the Incas – some even call it the cradle of civilisation. This historical significance has given the lake mystical undertones, which make it an even more attractive destination to visit. Not to mention, that Lake Titicaca also happens to be the world's highest navigable lake! Those looking for a taste of authentic indigenous culture and adventure will find it on the magical shores of this lake. 




The Titilaka Lodge, situated on a private peninsula, is the ideal location for the curious traveller who appreciates the finer things in life. With the lake rippling in front of you and on either side, the lodge offers its guests an excellent vantage point for viewing this vast body of water. The lodge encompasses four acres of grounds and shares the peninsula exclusively with the traditional Peruvian communities that have long called this coastline home.


Titilaka Lodge boasts 18 gorgeous rooms, each with a stunning view out over the lake. Huge windows offer panoramic views and allow plenty of natural light to filter through into the rooms. Guests can choose from dawn-facing or dusk-facing rooms or can opt for a king or corner room for something even more luxurious.


Titilaka: Relais & Chateaux Boutique Lodge


Comfort is the name of the game here. Each room is equipped with a huge, plush bed along with plenty of modern conveniences, such as an iPod dock, kettle and personal safe. The rooms also have fabulous en-suites that come with a complimentary ecological toiletries kit – this is just one way the lodge implements its eco-friendly policy.


Outside of the rooms, guests at the Titilaka Lodge can make the most of the hotel’s other facilities, which include a massage room, media room and wrap-around terrace. From the terrace, yet more breath-taking views of Lake Titicaca can be had – particularly at sunset.


Lake Titicaca Tour Peru


Peru is known for having the best cuisine in all of South America and the food at the Titilaka Lodge bears testament to this. Expertly crafted by the resident chef, the dishes have been specially designed so as not to exacerbate the effects of the high altitude that some people may well experience. The menu here consists of a number of Peruvian staples that have been revamped with a contemporary twist with all the flavours the Andean region has to offer.


During the days, there are plenty of excursions on offer for active guests who want to explore the lake and its shores. Boat tours are available for those who want to discover some of the lake’s islands and there are plenty of hikes and treks in the altiplano for visitors who would rather keep their feet on terra firma. For something more cultural, travellers are encouraged to visit the local market, which will offer them an insight into the daily life of the indigenous communities that live here. All of these excursions are included in this all-inclusive lodge. 


At 3,812 m in altitude, Titilaka Boutique Lodge is fully prepared to help travelers combat altitude illness. With oxygen available to all guests, as well as plenty of water and coca tea, travelers can rest assured that if they feel a little ill due to the altitude, Titilaka lodge is prepare to help.


Titilaka Lodge Peru


The Titilaka Lodge is part of the Relais & Châteaux brand, which means you can expect excellence and nothing less during your stay there. It is popular virtually the whole year round as guests will find that there is always beauty and wonder here, regardless of the season.


If you are planning on visiting Machu Picchu – and you would be crazy to visit Peru and not go – a trip to Lake Titicaca makes a great add-on to your trip. Just 7 hours by bus from Cusco or a short 40 minute flight, the lake is easily accessible from Machu Picchu’s nearest big city. Alternatively, it can also be easily combined with a trip to the Amazon in Puerto Maldonado or Iquitos.


The Titilaka Lodge has been widely recognised by travellers and publications around the world who laud the accommodation for its beautiful location and quality service. There is no doubt that a stay in this hotel will be an experience to cherish forever. So, if you’re interested in seeing the magnificent Lake Titicaca be sure to swing by the Titilaka Lodge for some rest and relaxation in a tranquil haven.

For more information about booking the Titilaka Relais & Chateaux Boutique Lodge, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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