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Visiting Colombia - 'The Risk Is Wanting To Stay!'

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In recent years, the travel market in Colombia has been heating up. This is not due, however, to a false idea some people have that Colombia is a gun-toting, cocaine-exporting, bikini model-filled gangsters' paradise.

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Indeed, some of those accusations may have been correct during the 80s, at the height of Colombia's emergence as a key producer and exporter of narcotics to the US.

Today Colombia is a veritable travelers paradise. Times have indeed changed, and for the better. The Colombian government has even played upon this radical change in a very clever way with their new marketing slogan, 'the only risk is wanting to stay!'.

We at Rainforest Crusies believe that this is indeed a very real and present risk. Colombia boasts rich rainforests, beautiful beaches, modern cities overflowing with culture and charm, as well as some of the friendliest people on the planet.  Colombia is emerging as a world-class destination, but is still 'under the radar'. Travelers still have the opportunity to be pioneers, visiting some of Colombia's hidden gems.

If any travelers are curious about Colombia, we highly recommend our dear friends at See Colombia Travel. See Colombia Travel are a team of travel experts from around the world. They specialize in tailor-made vacations of Colombia, including relaxing Cartagena tours, visits to bustling Bogota, and much, much more.

The See Colombia Travel team are passionate about their adopted country, and want to ensure that when you get home, you'll become an ambassador for the paradise that is Colombia. 

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