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Weather In The Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rain

Amazon Rain

If you are planning an Amazon cruise in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or Bolivia, you will no doubt be wanting to know what the weather is going to be like, and when would be the optimal time to visit to avoid the rain.

Bad news for you, we are afraid: there is never any guarantee you will avoid the rain.

In fact, rain is pretty much a staple of the climate in the Amazon, along with generally hot and humid weather. But don’t bemoan it too much; it is rainforest, after all; and it is thanks to this moisture, combined with intense sunlight, that the Amazon is such a fertile place and can boast such an abundance of wildlife.

Despite being characterized by this tropical climate (we are, after all, within two degrees of the Equator) of rain, humidity and heat, it’s fair to say that there are variations in the yearly climate of the Amazon, and changes from region to region.

Amazon Region after the Rain

Amazon Region after the Rain

In all Amazon regions there are rainy and dry seasons. When these are depends upon the time of year.

In Brazil, the rainy season roughly runs from mid-December to mid-May, and in this time temperatures are a tiny bit cooler than during dry season. This time of year also brings heavier winds, which cause increased rainfall around the central Amazon. The rest of the year (June to December) is considered dry season. Average temperatures in the Brazilian Amazon range from roughly 85 – 95 degrees (29 - 35C), with night times dropping up to ten degrees in heat

The Ecuadorian Amazon is similarly rainy and humid. Rainy season tends to occur during March through to July, with the subsequent seasons until December being extremely changeable. From January to March is the driest of the seasons. Average temperatures in the Ecuadorian Amazon are similar to Brazil.

Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest

The Peruvian Amazon, much like its Ecuadorian relative, is also warm and rainy. The driest season takes place during the months from May to October, with November through to April being the wetter season, offering a high chance of precipitation. Roughly 80% of the area’s rainfall comes during these months. It is also the time of year that is the coldest, with lows of around 62 degrees (17C) ...although there can be highs of over 90 degrees (32C). There are occasional days where temperatures can drop all the way down to 45 degrees (7C), so come prepared for all weathers.

The Bolivian Amazon is very similar to the Peruvian, with April to September considered the dry months. The Bolivian Amazon is, however, perhaps the most volatile of the micro-climates and can offer up a surprisingly sunny day during the rainy season, or a torrential downpour during drier times. Again, like in Peru, it is worth your while coming prepared for any type of weather.

Ultimately, when deciding whether to come for dry season or rainy season, it comes down to preference. Rainy season brings with it an abundance of advantages: many rare fruits and flowers bloom during this season, bringing birds and other animals to the river’s edge, allowing travelers to observe.

The dry season, on the other hand, brings its own unique wildlife, and unveils the Amazon River’s beaches. Caiman are much more visible, and the pink river dolphins are less likely to be spread out the river. Oh, and you may not get as wet.

Whenever you come, and however wet you get, one thing is for sure: you’ll have the time of your life. Contact us here, if you have any further questions about the weather in the amazon rainforest. 

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