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What To Wear On An Amazon Cruise

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The Amazon has been hailed as the new frontier for ecotourism by National Geographic, and tourists have been flocking to Peru to see the rainforest and have close interactions with the wildlife. But if you want something a little more special while on cultural and wildlife excursions in the area, you may want to consider going on a luxury Amazon river cruise for your next holiday. Not only do you get to experience getting up close and personal with nature, but you also enjoy all the comforts of staying on a luxury cruise ship.

Part of planning your holiday involves packing for your trip. Naturally, you want to be as comfortable as possible, but you also want to look great for special activities onboard and for your social media posts. Here’s a guide on what to bring to look amazing for an Amazon cruise.

What to wear on an Amazon Cruise

Cotton is your best friend

Entering the Amazon jungle may feel like going inside a shower—it’s hot, humid, and has lots of rainfall, so it’s important that your clothes are made of light, breathable fabric for maximum comfort. Thus, for this trip, clothes made of cotton are your best bet. Well-cut t-shirts paired with colorful shorts or relaxed fit linen or chambray trousers are classic combinations that can make anyone look pulled together yet cool despite the hot weather. Cotton dresses in soft colors or prints look dressy enough for dinner and stargazing yet casual enough for a craft market visit—it all depends on how you style them. Don’t forget to pack a few extra long-sleeved tops to wear when exploring the jungle and bring extra cotton socks.

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Accessories matter

Accessories complete the look, but for a river cruise down the Amazon River, you’ll want to be picky when it comes to choosing your add-ons. This isn’t the time or place to bring out your diamond earrings or Rolex watch. Bead bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are more appropriate and easily replaceable should they break or get lost during your trip.

For accessories that serve a purpose, a smart watch with a built in GPS or a waterproof watch are good choices if you can’t imagine being without a timepiece. Another great accessory that is very useful is a cotton scarf or a hiking scarf (a bandana scarf that is UV resistant). This will protect you from the strong UV rays, and also help keep those annoying mosquitos away!

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Don’t forget activewear and adventuring gear

Going on an Amazon cruise means that you get to participate in activities that involve some physical activity, so you’ve got to be prepared. Hiking boots, rain gear, and hiking pants are a must if you plan to go trekking. If kayaking or swimming is more your thing, then a swimsuit or wetsuit are must-haves. It’s also a good idea to ask the cruise company if they will provide the necessary equipment and gear for certain activities so you don’t have to bring your own. Some cruise companies provide rubber boots and heavy rain ponchos, while other don’t! Packing a water-proof bag (to store your camera or cell phone), will definitely be needed. You also don’t want to forget your hat and dry-fit clothing (clothing that dries quickly). While onboard the cruise, flip-flops or comfortable sandals are best!

Staying cool and comfy while looking your best is a cinch as long as you pack the right items for your holiday. Follow these tips to look amazing on your Amazon luxury cruise holiday and have the experience of a lifetime. For more information about what to wear on an Amazon Cruise, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

This post was written by our guest blogger, Jackie.

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