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When to Go to Pantanal

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Stretching across over 72,000 square miles of Brazil is the Pantanal region. Unlike the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil’s other wildlife hub, the Pantanal hasn’t had much by way of international publicity. In fact, few people have ever even heard of this part of the world, let alone visited it. The Pantanal region is one of the world’s hidden gems, despite being the largest tropical wetlands on the planet.

Pantanal Brazil

The fact that the Pantanal has not attained the same level of popularity as the nearby Amazon is down to a number of reasons. But, the main reason is simply that the Pantanal is not as accessible as the Amazon Rainforest. The region is serviced by just two roads: the Transpantaneira and the Estrada do Parque. The Transpantaneira enters the region from the North, in the state of Mato Gross, and the Estrada do Parque runs through the South, which lies in Mato Grosso do Sul.

As you can imagine, with just two roads, the Pantanal is a challenge to access. This challenge is made it even tougher by the fact that the roads are little more than dirt tracks, connected by hundreds of rickety wooden bridges. When the area floods, parts of these roads are entirely submerged in water, rendering patches of the Pantanal inaccessible by land. Of course, there are other ways to get around the region, such as by boat or plane, but these can be costly and time-consuming to organize.

when to go to pantanal

What Factors Should I Consider?

There is no hard and fast rule as to when you should and should not go. Instead, you should consider what you want to see, how you want to get there, and which part of the Pantanal you plan on exploring. The weather and water levels are also certainly factors you should bear in mind when deciding when you should go to the Pantanal. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be in a better position to decide when to go to the Pantanal.

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Pantanal?

Most travel experts agree that the best time to visit the Pantanal is between July and October. This is the driest time of the year and during this period, animals cluster around the remaining watering holes, which makes them easier to spot. The Pantanal is also at its most accessible during the dry season as the roads are not flooded. May and June are reasonable times to visit as the rain will have eased off and the region will have started to dry off. The temperature remains reasonably constant throughout the whole year so you don’t need to consider this too much.

Jaguar in Pantanal

During the dry season, the vegetation shrivels somewhat. While this allows for better wildlife viewing, it is slightly less picturesque than when the plants are at their most lush. If you are a nature enthusiast and the purpose of your trip to the Pantanal is to take outstanding photographs of the region’s natural beauty, you might want to want to go during the wet season, which runs from November to April. What’s more, during the wet seasons, animals may congregate on higher ground to avoid the water, which may render them easy to spot. However, you should note that during the rainy season, many of the lodges and tours shut down, so accommodation and travel may be harder or even impossible to organize in certain parts of the Pantanal.

Ultimately, when you choose to visit the Pantanal will depend on your own personal circumstances. One thing you should know is that no matter what time of the year you travel to the Pantanal, you will always have an exceptional time. There is no place on Earth quite like the Pantanal and being there is a truly unique and breath-taking experience. For more information about booking a Pantanal tour, please contact us or call 1-888-215-3555.

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