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Where is Angkor Wat?

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To answer simply, Angkor Wat is situated in the beautiful, vast land of Cambodia. In the archeological site Angkor, 5.5 km north of Siem Reap, if you want to be precise… which I’m guessing you do. 

Where is Angkor Wat

Where Exactly is Cambodia? 

Cambodia is a country in the southern section of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. The land is surrounded by other countries including Thailand to the northwest, Loas to the northeast and Vietnam to the east.  It has a population of over 16 million people, four main ethnicities and four main religions. The predominant ethnicity is Khmer, taking up 97% of the population! Other ethnic groups include Chinese and Vietnamese, with a huge 30 different types of hill tribes. Indigenous people in hill tribes survive on the northeastern side of the country, in the highlands. The most common religion followed is Theravada Buddhism, which is followed by 96% of the country. 

Cambodia is believed to have been in use for a very, VERY long time. Caves in pre-historic Cambodia are credited to have been first inhabited around 7000 BC, a long 5000 years before the indigenous began to grow food and domesticate animals in 2300 BC. The first civilization in the area arose about 150 AD in the Mekong River delta in South Vietnam. This river is still travelled to this very day on our own Mekong River cruises. Cambodia was originally divided into rival states until the beginning of the 9th century - a king named Jayavarman II founded the Khmer Empire in Cambodia. He was so inspirational that we even have a luxury Jayavarman vessel named after him!

Angkor Wat Tours

So, Where is Angkor Wat? 

Angkor Wat is a temple complex containing one of the largest and iconic religious monuments in the world. It is so critical to Cambodian culture in fact that it has even made its way onto the Cambodian flag, adorned as a white symbol over their striking red and blue stripes. Angkor Wat is founded deep in the astonishing forested realm of the Siem Reap province, in northwestern Cambodia. Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor, but the ruins are also within a reasonable distance from Phnom Penh, taking around 6 hours to reach. Geographic location is not the only point of interest, but the general positioning of the construction is rather interesting also. Features of the temple are said to be of celestial importance, observing the temples unconventional east to west orientation, specific towers happen to be at the precise location of the sunrise on a solstice! The area is registered as one of the 1092 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, allowing UNESCO to work with the Cambodian authorities to make sure that no tourism access or development compromises this historical jewel. If you are lucky enough to see this fabulous site, you will truly feel part of the narrative in the story of Cambodian history. If you would like to check out the best time to go to Angkor Wat, or learn more about the history of this antique estate please check out more on our illuminating jungle blog. 

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Checking Out the Area

Here at Rainforest Cruises we offer a range of vessels and tours through the Mekong River, with opportunities to explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia, explicitly extended with our Indochine and Indochine II cruises.  With our dedicated expert sales team, we can happily help you organize every detail, giving you all the information you need for your memorable journey to begin. Please contact our team to show your interest and see just what we can offer you; send us an enquiry or call 1-888-215-3555

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