Lo Peix Amazon Cruise

A True Brazilian Amazon Adventure in Traditional Style

Lo Peix (The Fish in Catalan) offers adventurous and environmentally-friendly cruises to the Brazilian Amazonas and Negro Rivers. It prides itself on offering itineraries away from the busy tourist locations, transporting travelers to wild, unique and sometimes unexplored waterways of the Amazon.

Lo Peix offers some of the most customisable itineraries around, so why not include some of the exciting optional activities such as swimming with pink dolphins, an overnight jungle camp, nocturnal jungle walks, tree climbing (if you dare) or even a spectacular floatplane flight!

This comfortable traditional riverboat has a solar energy policy meaning it is one of the greenest boats on the Amazon, with little pollution and quiet, peaceful generator-free nights, allowing passengers to enjoy all the sounds that the jungle has to offer.

If you are a little short on time, Lo Peix offers itineraries from as little as 3 days in duration, and up to 7 or more days for those who aren't. Here is a video (in Catalan) of one of the many expeditions Lo Peix embarks upon each year, this time with a group of university biology students from Barcelona to the Jau National Park, a destination you can visit for yourself on a 7-day (or more if you wish!) charter itinerary. 

For those explorers willing to learn the secrets of this immense river paradise, an Amazon river journey aboard Lo Peix takes you on an adventure to a mysterious, undiscovered world. Uncharted waters, indigenous tribes and remarkable wildlife in the depths of the Amazon jungle await!

Please note that a pre-arranged visa is required by holders of US, Canadian and Australian passports, in order to enter Brazil. Contact us for more details.

What people are saying about the Lo Peix

wilson testimonial
The Lo Peix was amazing, we all had a great time! Jordi the boat owner & guide is great. Although he is Spanish, he is like a local! Knows the area very well.
— Jennifer Huang; Taipei, Taiwan
Lo Peix Testimonial
It was perfect. Miguel’s service, passion, and unique personality makes this the best booking ever.
— James Azinheira & Family; Coral Springs, FL
Lo Peix Review
Something like this I didn’t expect. The nature is great, unbelievable, but more important was the hospitality of Jordi and his Lo Peix team. His energy whilst showing us a part of nature so beautiful with its wildlife and inhabitants was more than impressive.
— Jerneja Batič; Portorož, Slovenia
Lo Peix Testimonial
My sons and I would all like to say to you what a great time we had on our 2 day cruise on the Lo Peix! It was the highlight of our World Cup Holiday. From the pick-up and drop-off the cruise was the experience of a lifetime - such a shame we only had two days available!
— Graham, James & Ryan Milner; Brisbane, Australia

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