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Manatee: 5-Day Cruise

5-Day Oriente Cruise

The Yasuní National Park, a wild and untamed realm in the heart of the Ecuadorian Rainforest, and the diverse Limoncocha Biological Reserve, await passengers embarking on this 5-day adventure.

We will climb an observation tower to enjoy unique perspectives of the forest, explore black water rivers and hike along trails, learning about the wonderful flora, fauna, and indigenous people that inhabit this part of the world.


Please note that the itinerary below is dependent on the river water level, weather conditions, wildlife behavior, and accessibility to locations, so may vary. All times indicated are approximate, and are also subject to change.

 Manatee amazon cruise day 1

Quito – Coca – Napo River 

Departure from Quito in the morning, to board the flight to Francisco de Orellana (Coca), which arrives in Coca after 40 minutes.

From here, transfer to the Napo River port, where a motorized canoe will take you downstream for approximately one and a half hours; during the trip we will provide important information about the region.

Once on board the Manatee, we will start navigating down the Napo River.

Passengers will have their first opportunities to enjoy the exciting features of our cruise ship: the spacious social areas, comfortable suites, and an observation deck that offers spectacular views. An evening walk is organized after sunset; it gives us the opportunity to discover the mysteries of this unique environment and see how life emerges in the dark right before your eyes.

 Manatee amazon cruise day 1

Border of Peru (The Heart of Yasuní National Park)

Before disembarking, we will enjoy breakfast atop the cruise ship’s upper deck, accompanied by the bird’s melody. After this unique gastronomic experience, we disembark on land for our first daylight close-and-personal tropical rainforest experience. It is on this morning adventure where we will learn about the relationship between plants and animals while closely watching out for samples of Amazonia’s fascinating biodiversity at every turn.

After this extraordinary encounter with the Ecuadorian Amazon, we will enjoy lunch aboard whilst the M/V Manatee Amazon Explorer navigates to one of the most pristine and little explored sections of Ecuadorian Amazonia, home to the legendary Pink River dolphin, Black Caiman and Anaconda. We may also find river turtles and various species of monkeys, as well as the primitive Hoatzin, a one-of-a-kind bird locally known as "the Stinky Turkey". The only way to actually visit this flooded ecosystem is by canoe, a ride that will reveal the beauty of a lush jungle world.

Throughout the day the Manatee Amazon Explorer will continue navigating alongside the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border. After such an incredible day in the Amazon, we will end the night accompanied by a delicious dinner with local guides, ready to answer any and all questions pertaining to the Ecuadorian Amazon. For our more adventurous passengers, please inquire about our glamping program.

 Manatee amazon cruise day 1

Meeting The Community - Activities On Board - Monkey Island

The M/V Manatee Amazon Explorer will continue upstream, en route to the Pañacocha Lake (Piranha Lake, in the native language Quechua). Here we will be marveled by the unique creatures that inhabit the area: Common Squirrel Monkeys, and of course the infamous Piranhas. The ecosystem of the Pañacocha Lake and its surrounding areas make it the perfect habitat for the Piranha, as well as the Water Monkey Fish, known locally as Arawana, and the White Caiman.

Later, we will be given the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit an authentic Indigenous home, belonging to the Oraco family. We'll also visit a school located on the banks of the Napo River, where we will have the opportunity to interact with children of the area and learn about the educational system of a remote jungle community in Ecuador.

Afterwards, we'll return on board the cruise for lunch and take a moment to relax while navigating upstream. After lunch we will offer various cultural lectures, documentary screenings, and hands on experiences regarding topics about: local handcrafts and cuisine. In the afternoon, we explore one of the largest river islands of the Napo River, home to hundreds of Amazonian monkeys.

Unquestionably, after an entire day in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, you will have more questions than answers about the amazon. Luckily for our passengers, we will host a dinner accompanied by local nature and cultural guides who will make sure everyone on board is an expert on Ecuadorian Amazonia.


 Manatee amazon cruise day 3

Observation Tower - Limoncocha Biological Reserve 

Breakfast on board. We set out to visit one of the most amazing spectacles located on this side of western Amazonia - Parrot Clay Licks, these unique pools of mud are rich in minerals and attract hundreds of parrots, parakeets and Amazon birds every day.

Weather permitting, we will have a chance to visit this astonishing natural phenomenon. Later we will visit the Sani Warmi Kichwa Interpretation Center, where a group of Kichwa women will speak and share thoughts about their customs, cuisine and daily life. They have created the center in order to showcase their culture. The visit to the Sani Warmi community is a unique opportunity to learn about Amazonian lifestyles along the Napo River. You will also have the opportunity to buy handmade crafts, local products and souvenirs. We will enjoy lunch on board as we navigate to Puerto Pedro.

Before sunset, we will visit the Añangu Tower, which offers great photograph opportunities after climbing a ceibo tree and enjoy an astonishing view of the Amazon from its wooden tower. This is a great opportunity to do birdwatching activities. Optionally, depending on accessibility, river water levels and weather conditions, you may choose to visit the Yakukawsay Kichwa Interpretation Centre and enjoy an interesting evening walk through the forest.

Our trip into Ecuadorian Amazon ends here as we will begin our trip back to Itaya.

On our last night in the Ecuadorian Amazon we will enjoy a farewell cocktail with all the staff.

 Manatee amazon cruise day 4

Amazon - Coca - Quito

In the morning we may visit a site of the Charapa Project, a release program for Amazonian turtles, before disembarking the M/V Manatee Amazon Explorer and being transfered by motorized canoe to Coca (1-hour ride) ready for our flight back to Quito.

  • Please note that all cruise itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s discretion.
  • Passengers should also be aware that animal sightings cannot be guaranteed due to the unpredictability of wildlife behavior. 

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