Mary Anne Galapagos Cruise

The Mary Anne - A Truly Classic Sailing Ship Experience

There aren't many experiences that can live up to the romance and adventure of a cruise on board a charming pirate-style sailing ship, let alone one around the enchanting and wildlife-filled Galapagos Islands. 

Set sail aboard the majestic 16-passenger barquentine Mary Anne, for a leisurely 8 or 15-day Galapagos experience of a life time, accompanied by passionate crew members, expert guides and other lucky passengers. 

Launched in 1997, this elegant 216 feet (66 meters) barquentine is the closest (and some would say most apt) way to experience the discovery of the islands, as Charles Darwin once did aboard the Beagle.

Despite being a larger sailing ship, due to her steel hull, tall masts and deep draft a voyage on board is surprisingly stable, and as she navigates through the archipelago majestically under full sail there is no finer sight or romantic experience. An added benefit of being able to use the sails means quieter navigation and increases the chance of dolphins and whales swimming alongside. Please note that ocean currents and wind conditions in the Galapagos are such that the majority of navigation requires the use of the boat's motor, so the sails will be used when conditions allow, usually a minimum of twice per itinerary.

Guests will even have the chance to participate in the hoisting of the sails, pulling ropes and tying knots for an unrivalled nautical experience, all under the expert guidance and watchful eye of the crew 

Originally designed to accommodate 24 passengers, the Mary Anne only operates with a maximum capacity of 16, so whether travelling alone or in a group, the Mary Anne can accommodate everyone. Indeed the vessel is one of the best choices for single travellers as 8 of the 12 cabins are dedicated as single cabins with no single supplement. Accommodations are located on the lower Cabin Deck and each cabin features private bathrooms with hot water.

The spacious Main Deck is complete with a wood-panelled, comfortable lounge area with a cozy bar, dining room, kitchen, library, entertainment center and rear observation deck, and on the upper Sun Deck you will find open-air seating, kayak storage, the bridge and plenty of space for taking in the beautiful sights.

With an experienced nine-member crew plus an expert Galapagos Naturalist Guide on board, a rich and romantic, not to mention educational, cruise experience with many interesting wildlife encounters awaits.

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