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Mashpi Lodge

An Unexpected Oasis of Urban Comfort located near Quito's Andean Cloud Forest

The Mashpi Lodge is designed to completely immerse you in the life of the forest, while keeping its creatures safely at bay – a luxury retreat amid the dense forest and stunning mountain views. The rooms are arranged over three floors, all designed with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall panoramic glass windows, some on two sides, with the forest just a few feet away. It's fascinating that such

a wild and remote site could even be associated with a city, yet Mashpi lies within the Metropolitan District of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The lodge perches at 950 metres (3,117 feet) above sea level and the reserve in which it is located ranges in altitude from 500 metres to 1200 metres above sea level. The lodge is very easily reached from Quito, Ecuador. 

Mashpi Lodge was built with the latest techniques for sustainable construction – parts pre-assembled in Quito – and is designed to blend perfectly with its natural environment. It is strikingly-contemporary, featuring modernist design and décor, mixing warm earth tones, steel, stone and glass in salient perspectives: a true cocoon amid the beautiful Andean Cloud Forest. 

The beauty of the Mashpi Lodge is that you can enjoy forest life from your own bed. Open the window, and the sounds of bird and frog calls wash over you. The lodge offers two types of rooms, the Yaku Suites and Wayra Rooms. The lodge’s three Yaku Suites extend over an expansive 46 square meters (495 square feet). They are located on the first floor, at the lodge’s northwestern end. Each one features a large bathroom with twin wash basins and Philippe Starck-designed bathtubs-with-a-view. All of them have king-size beds. The 20 Wayra rooms, all cover a generous 34 square meters (366 square feet). 13 Wayra Twin Rooms have two full-size beds, three rooms located at the end of the northwestern wing and the rest along the southeastern wing. 7 Wayra King Rooms out of the 20 rooms feature king-size beds.

Located an easy 20-minute walk from the Lodge, the Life Center is one of the most magical places in the Reserve. Watch tropical birds come to feed as you relax or breakfast on the wooden deck, feeling at one with nature. You can also learn about the metamorphosis of the different species of butterflies that inhabit the reserve.

There are many exploration activities offered at the lodge and your itinerary can be "custom-built" depending on your interests. From the hummingbird garden, to the monkey capuchin trail and the various waterfall trails, there is plenty to do for everyone.

The Mashpi Lodge boasts a huge, spacious dining room with high ceilings that extend two floors up. In the kitchen, the chefs prepare the finest Ecuadorian food, taking influence from cuisines from all over the country. With mood lighting and a gorgeous interior design, the restaurant is one of the highlights of the Mashpi Lodge. If you’re feeling thirsty either before or after dinner then the Explorers’ Bar is an excellent place to relax with a drink and either mingle or simply sit and watch the world go by. Fabulous wines from Argentina and Chile along with an array of different cocktails feature on the menu here. 

Nothing ends a day of exploring the jungle better than a bit of relaxation in a spa. The Mashpi Lodge have created the perfect wellness centre for their guests. Their extensive and rejuvenating list of treatments allows visitors to truly unwind during their stay here. There is also an outdoor yoga deck and open-air hot tub to help nourish your mind, body and soul, surrounded by exquisite natural beauty.

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There are times and places in our travels where we wonder just how in the world they pulled it off. Mashpi Lodge is one of those places.
— Forbes
We were enchanted. A piece of glowing wood, thousands of fireflies, colorful birds and ten lightening flashes later, we were back in our room in Mashpi Lodge, completely cocooned in what felt like a tree house suspended above the forest.
— Suitecase Magazine

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