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Pikaia Lodge Galapagos: Excursions

The Pikaia Lodge Exploration Packages include guided day adventures that cover the distinct wildlife and landscapes of the Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve under 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7-night programs. Located on the central island of Santa Cruz, allows easy access to some of the best National Park's visitor sites and beaches by private yacht M/Y Pikaia I and by fishing & snorkeling boat M/B Pikaia II. Hotel-yacht day programs offer guests a spectacular, safe and comfortable way to experience the Galapagos Archipelago. Certified divers may request a special full-day diving excursion. There are also excursions available to do on your own without guides, such as: beach visits, mountain biking and hiking. Minimum stay at Pikaia Lodge is 3 nights.

1. Santa Cruz Island

Puerto Ayora is located in Santa Cruz, the most populated town on the Galapagos. The town boasts a hospital, schools, banks, shops, hotels, restaurants and numerous Internet cafes. 

The Charles Darwin station is a must see on Santa Cruz. It is located about 1 km west of Puerto Ayora and contains fascinating and detailed information about the history of the flora and fauna of the Galapagos. Tortuga Bay and Garrapatero beach are two pristine beaches located on the island that are accessible without a guide. 

2. Dragon Hill (Cerro Dragon)

Visitor location on Santa Cruz Island. Land iguanas and flamingo lagoons are two highlights of this site.

3. Eden Islet

This visitor site is located off western coast of Santa Cruz Island, and offers visitors a great chance to see a variety of Galapagos wildlife from the dinghy ride both on shore and under the water such as Endemic salemas, reef sharks, nazca and blue footed boobies.

4. North Seymour Island

This island is the home to an extensive display of birdlife including the blue-footed boobies, whose mating ritual includes a humorous dance, swallow-tailed gulls and frigate birds who have wingspans of 2.3 meters. The island is also home to over 2,000 land iguanas. The island has a 1.2 mile trail for tourists that cuts into the middle of the island and explores the rocky coast.  

5. Bachas Beach

Visitor site on Santa Cruz Island where you may see: Sally lightfoot crabs, Frigate birds, Marine Iguanas, Sea Turtle nests and flamingos. 

6. Bartolome Island

This is a volcanic islet with no human population and it is one of the newer Galapagos islands. The island is renowned for being the home to the Galapagos Penguin. Pinnacle Rock is a must see on the island and the adjacent beaches are filled with a wide array of wildlife; sea turtles lay their eggs on the north beach between January and March and other tropical fish and sea lions can be seen whilst snorkelling and diving in the area. Spotted Eagle Rays and Black-tipped Sharks may also be viewed. 

7. Chinese Hat Islet

A fairly recent volcanic cone, it has the shape of a down-facing Chinese hat and is located on Santiago Island.

8. Sullivan Bay

The site features a pair of eroded scoria lava cones which were recently engulfed by pahohehoe lava. This 'recent' pahohehoe lava flow is considered one of the finest in the world.

9. Santa Fe Island

A variety of plant and wildlife can be seen in the Opuntia cactus forest including, not surprisingly, the Opuntia cactus, the Galapagos dove, Yellow Warblers, lava lizards and the endemic Santa Fe Land Iguana. 

10. Plaza Island

Home to a variety of typical Galapagos wildlife including sea lions, land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls and red-billed tropicbirds. South Plaza Island is best known for its flora, as it is home to the succulent Sesuvium plant and many prickly pear cactus trees. 

11. Mosquera Islet

This islet consists of many coral reefs, making it great for snorkeling. It's also one of the largest colonies of sea lions in the Galapagos.

12. Santa Cruz Island Beaches

Guests will be nearby two fantastic white sand beaches, accessible without the need for guides. These beaches are free of constructions or development, and great for swimming, surfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing.

13. Scuba Diving

Prior to arrival, certified scuba divers may book diving excursions with selected National Park authorized dive operators. Around the base on Santa Cruz Island, recommended dive sites include North Seymour, Plazas islets, Cousins Rocks and Daphne islet.

14. Mountain Biking

Pikaia Lodge offers quality mountain bikes and helmets, free of charge for unlimited use. You will be provided with a detailed map of roads and trails inside and outside the Lodge. Spots to visit include volcanic craters, lava tunnels, small villages with organic coffee farms and cattle ranches. Nearby Garrapatero Beach (10km from the lodge) is a favorite biking destination, with a downhill road passing through different environments with stunning views. From the road it is a 10-minute walk to swim at the beautiful white sandy beach.

15. Jogging/Hiking

The property has more than 3.5 km of internal private roads and paths for walking and jogging. These paths boast incredible views and pass through reforested endemic forests full of birdsong, where guests may be lucky enough to cross paths with wild giant tortoises.

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