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Story Ideas 

If you are looking for story ideas, then you have come to the right place! Rainforest Cruises can provide you with the right idea and promise to back it up with our resources for your story. As Amazon River cruise specialists and pioneers in the niche, we know river cruises are a continuous trending topic in the travel industry. Contact Us for photos, interviews or press trips, we are happy to work with you in anyway we can. View our list of "River Cruise" story ideas below. 

Luxury Boutique Cruising

With 5-star service, top-of-the line amenities and gourmet dining, the Amazon is home to some of the most luxurious riverboats in the industry. With a glass of wine in hand, imagine cooling off in your private plunge pool, while watching the breathtaking jungle scenery pass-by. 


Rainforest conservation is of the utmost importance to Rainforest Cruises. As members of The International Ecotourism Society we are advocates for sustainable travel and have many years’ first-hand experience of life and ecotourism in Latin America, working ostensibly in the Amazon region.

Unique Honeymoons

Writing about newly-weds, in search of a honeymoon unlike any other? Not many experiences can match the adventure and romance of the Amazon rainforest and its magical sunsets and starry night skies. Get off the tourist beaten path and explore the unique jungle.  


Land & River Travel

As South America destination experts, working closely with only trusted and experienced land tour operators, we specialize in seamlessly combining any of our Amazon or Galapagos cruises with customized land tour extensions. Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, and much more!


UNESCO recognizes World Heritage Sites as being of special cultural or physical significance. Many of our travel itineraries include such sites. Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, Old Town Quito, Central Amazon Conservation Complex, Rio de Janeiro, Historic Center Lima, Cusco, Galapagos Islands and much more! 


Glamping is a new word for a new kind of travel: glamorous camping. If you've resisted going camping to avoid bugs, dirt, using nature as your bathroom, and having to cook for yourselves, going glamping will get you outdoors without having to deal with the unpleasantries.

Culinary Experiences

The menus on board are a real source of pride and care, designed by world-class chefs to make the best use of the national recipes and locally-sourced ingredients. Meal times are a truly special experience, as guests await expectantly for the next dish, with the real possibility of new flavors. 

Nature Cruising

Unrivaled in adventure and biodiversity, Amazonia truly is a magical wilderness home to many numbers of species. See the endemic pink river dolphins, three-toed sloths, tarantulas, howler monkeys, anacondas and much more. Each river cruise itinerary offers daily guided excursions by naturalists or marine biologists (in the case of Galapagos cruises). 

Cruise Deals

Everyone loves a bargain, and Rainforest Cruises are no exception. We have scoured the industry for the best Amazon cruise deals to allow our passengers to experience the wonders of the Amazon for less! We regularly add new deals. 

About Rainforest Cruises

Rainforest Cruises is a boutique travel company specializing in Amazon river cruises, Galapagos Islands tours, and Southeast Asia cruises. We provide you with the finest collection of cruises in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama and Southeast Asia. As travel experts we have all the advice you need to help you find and book your dream cruise and an unforgettable adventure.