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Tucano Amazon Cruise

Active, Meaningful and Authentic: Brazil’s Tucano Motor Yacht

Exclusively designed to take small groups of passengers to Brazil’ best parts. The Tucano explores deep into UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lead by deeply skilled naturalist guides.

The Tucano is nimble, smart, stylish and elegant. Travelers get the chance to enjoy wonderful cuisine, comfort and picturesque views as they travel through the wilderness.

With decades of experience, the administration and operations team on board are deeply professional and efficient. They ensure that whatever can be done to satisfy your travelers, will be done. The Tucano cruise appeals to many kinds of travelers because you are given the choice of so many experiences. If you are looking for a comfortable, leisurely cruise, or an expedition into the wilds of the rainforest, we have activities for them to choose from. There is something for every kind of traveler.

What makes the Tucano experience more fun is the small groups, the choices of activities, the very comfortable vessel, the deeply skilled guides, and the friendly and professional cruise staff. All this adds up to a great vacation and a truly, once in a lifetime experience. The area we explore has some of the greatest diversity on Earth, including a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. At any time of year we can walk, hike, kayak, and explore deep in the forest. And because it is one of the least inhabited places on the entire planet, the creatures for which the Amazon is famous for, still thrive here in Brazil.

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