Tucano: 5-Day Cruise

5-Day Amazon Odyssey Cruise

This four-night Amazon River Cruise is perfect for travelers who in a few days want to experience the thrill of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest in just a few days. The Tucano visits some of the most essential

areas to observe the wildlife and culture of the rainforest.The journey concentrates on the Negro River, where we glide along narrow streams deep in the forest, explore flooded grasslands that stretch from horizon to horizon, and walk in towering rainforests.


The itinerary below is dependent on the river water level, weather conditions, wildlife behavior, and accessibility to locations, so may vary.

 tucano kayaking

Manaus - Rio Negro - Anavilhanas Archipelago 

This afternoon, we embark in Manaus, Brazil and voyage north on the Rio Negro into the Anavilhanas Archipelago.

Most of the cruise takes place on the Amazon River, but we begin with an afternoon in forest flooded by the ink-black water of the Rio Negro. This low and dense forest is called Igapó. We excursion in expedition launches to experience a fantastic diversity of flora and fauna.

During our voyage we are treated to the ever-changing vistas of travel on the mighty Amazon River itself. Most travelers are astonished by the scale and grandeur of this majestic waterway that drains a continent.

Following dinner we will embark in our launches in search of nocturnal creatures such as the Caiman, the Amazon’s crocodilians. We may also see one of the large night birds such as a Potoo with its bulging eyes and large mouth adapted to swallow the huge Mariposa Moths.

 tucano victoria lily

Anavilhanas Archipelago 

Shortly after sunrise, we head out to explore the Anavilhanas Archipelago, a reserve that includes the world’s largest system of river islands. Here we will see the strange environment called the Igapó, the black water flooded forest where dense forests grow right out of the dark water of the Rio Negro.

Mid-morning we return to the vessel for a hearty Brazilian breakfast. After some time to relax, we will disembark to walk in the type of rainforest known as Terra Firme. Here we have a good chance to see the markings, if not the animals themselves, of some of the Amazon’s great mammals like peccaries or even a jaguar. 

Around mid-day we return to the vessel for lunch and a siesta. In the afternoon we will excursion in our launches along the edges of the dense forest and listen to the sunset chorus of birds, howler monkeys, and frogs.

Tonight we will have an excursion to spot caiman (the Amazon’s crocodiles) and other nocturnal creatures. We very often see arboreal porcupines or sloths scrambling in the tree tops.

 tucano amazon beach

Rio Negro - Indigenous Community

This morning we awaken to another remote rainforest area which we will explore by skiff and on foot as we take a walk in the forest.

On the Amazon Odyssey we not only focus on the rainforest, but also on the culture of the people who live in this vast wilderness. As such, this afternoon we will venture downstream to a small village on the east bank of the Rio Negro, where we will visit an indigenous community whose traditional life is still guided by the rhythms of the rise and fall of the river. For many travelers these visits with local settlers, whose lives are still guided by the rhythms of the rise and fall of the river and are so dramatically different from ours, are some of the most memorable experiences of the cruise.

During the night the M/Y Tucano travels downstream all the way to the confluence of the Rio Negro and the greatest river on Earth: The Amazon.

 tucano sunset

Lago Janauari Ecological Park - Meeting of the Waters - Lago Janauaca 

This morning, we visit Lago Janauari Ecological Park, and explore its labyrinth of small channels overhung with gargantuan trees and vines, keeping our eyes open for monkeys, Three Toed Sloths, and the occasional Collared Anteater.

After lunch we navigate to the Encontra das Aguas - the meeting of the Amazon River and the Rio Negro, where two different colored waterways meet and gradually mix. Often Pink and Grey River Dolphins are found here, leaping and cavorting along this stark line of contrasting currents.

Later in the afternoon, we sail upstream to cruise along the Amazon River to Lago Janauacá on the South Bank, a fascinating environment known as Varzea, where we may angle for piranhas, and spot brightly colored birds that hunt in these the vast fields of waving grass.

At sunset, we coast alongside one of the greatest - and certainly unique - ports in the world, the Porto de Manaus, as we sip on Caipirinhas. A farewell dinner will be served where we have the opportunity to reflect on our extraordinary experience and offer a toast to one of the most remarkable places on Earth.

 tucano piranha fishing

Return to Manaus 

This morning, after breakfast, we disembark in Manaus. 

  • Please note that all cruise itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s discretion.
  • Passengers should also be aware that animal sightings cannot be guaranteed due to the unpredictability of wildlife behavior. 

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 Geri Daniel loved her vacation with Rainforest Cruises.
We had an absolutely fabulous time on the Amazon cruise. Thank you again for the trip of a lifetime.
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We had a wonderful time in the Amazon. We were all impressed with the efficiency and organization of the trip from start to finish.
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