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Why Book with Rainforest Cruises

Are you looking to get off the common tourist beaten path to explore more remote and exotic areas of the world? We know that by now, there are already a wide-choice of tour operators out there for travelers. Many big travel companies such as Lindblad Expeditions, National Geographic Expeditions and Adventure Life offer a large variety of travel destinations, however they don't have the other important services Rainforest Cruises offers.  Rainforest Cruises are specialists in creating once-in-a-lifetime trips to the vast Amazon Rainforest, the magical Galapagos Islands, mystical Machu Picchu, and much more. We know it can be overwhelming deciding where and with whom to book with, so we’re here to make that easier for you.

What you can Expect from Rainforest Cruises 

What Our Travelers are Saying

Rainforest Cruises Review
Amazon Adventures
Rainforest cruise review
This was a trip of a lifetime for us. Thank you so much to Rainforest Cruises for helping us make this happen. We setup our trip with Daniel. He was awesome. He answered and returned all correspondence in a very timely manner. He was very patient with the literally hundreds of questions that we had. The itenerary was exactly what we wanted and we felt like we saw and did everything we asked for. We felt very safe and learned so much from each of our excellent guides. We highly recommend a land and cruise adventure, as you get to see a lot of Peru and the beauty it has to offer.
— Vance, South Carolina, USA
I remember pulling in on the boat thinking, what did I get myself into, can I do this for the next 3 days at the Treehouse Lodge in Peru? And after a few short hours with our guide, the answer was an emphatic YES! What I had experienced over those few days was a once in a life time adventure. Never have I been able to cross that many things off my bucket list in just one trip. I would recommend this trip to everyone with Rainforest Cruises. You will not be disappointed!
— Mark W. California, USA
The trip was absolutely incredible, and I want to thank you again for all of your help with booking it. The boat was also all that we had imagined, with comfortable beds and a cook that really knew how to cook up Brazilian fare! It was the cruise of a lifetime.
— Jon Bodansky & Julie Wilson; New York, NY

                                                                                 Best Price     Travel Experts    Custom Itineraries     24/7 Support     Conservation     5-Star Feedback                            

Rainforest Cruises                                          ✅                      ✅                        ✅                        ✅                      ✅                       ✅

Adventure Life                                                                                                          ✔

Adventure Smith Explorations                                                                                ✔

Amazon Adventures                                                                                                ✔

Lindblad Expeditions                                                                  ✔                                                                                   ✔

Chimu Adventures                                                                                                    ✔

National Geographic Expeditions                                             ✔                                                                                   ✔

Peru Explorer                                                                                                             ✔

Smithsonian Journeys                                                                 ✔

Overseas Adventure Travel                                                        ✔                          ✔

International Expeditions                                                             ✔                        

Natural Habitat Adventures                                                                                                                                               ✔

Rainforest Expeditions                                                                 ✔                                                                                   ✔

Amazon River Expeditions                                                          ✔

Aqua Expeditions                                                                         ✔                                                                                    ✔                       ✔

Treehouse Lodge                                                                                                                                                                 ✔

Southern Explorations                                                                                               ✔

Latin Trails                                                                                      ✔

Green Tracks                                                                                                                                                                         ✔

Vaya Adventures                                                                          ✔

Lost World Adventures               

Cruceros Amazonas                                                                                                                                                              ✔

Southwind Adventures                                                                ✔

Think Jungle                                                                                                                                                                           ✔

Peru North                                                                                     ✔

Wild Planet Adventures                                                               ✔                                                                                      ✔

About Rainforest Cruises

Rainforest Cruises is a boutique travel company specializing in Amazon river cruises, Galapagos Islands tours, and Southeast Asia cruises. We provide you with the finest collection of cruises in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama and Southeast Asia. As travel experts we have all the advice you need to help you find and book your dream cruise and an unforgettable adventure.