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10 Best Iquitos Amazon Lodges


A great way to immerse yourself into the Amazon jungle is to stay in an incredible Iquitos amazon lodge right in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. There are a number of lodges to choose of varying proximity to Iquitos, some hidden away in the distant depths of the jungle, others miraculously built into the rainforest canopy itself! Make your once-in-a-lifetime Amazon experience complete with an adventurous stay in one of the 10 best Amazon lodges in Iquitos, Peru:

Bungalow At The Treehouse Ldoge, Iquitos - Peru

The spectacular Treehouse Lodge is built into the rainforest canopy in an area adjacent to the wildlife-rich Pacaya–Samiria National Reserve.

1. Treehouse Lodge

At the Treehouse Lodge, set in 345 acres of untouched jungle and up to 67 ft off the ground, you can experience what it feels like to be staying in the canopy of the jungle. You can book your stay with Rainforest Cruises and either finish or end your Peruvian Amazon cruise with a stay in this luxurious lodge, and combine the two experiences. Scientists predict that about 90% of rainforest life can be found in the tree tops, and you will get to experience all of that wildlife from a very unique perspective. All of the bungalows in the lodge are en-suite, with showers, fresh linens, comfortable beds and protection from mosquitoes. From the Treehouse Lodge you can enjoy a number of daily and nocturnal jungle walks, fishing, dolphin watching and visits to local tribes, plus much more (the local food is delicious).

2. Muyuna Lodge

The Muyuna Lodge is a small lodge located on the Amazon River in an intimate, jungle setting. The Lodge is made up of family, double, single and matrimonial bungalows with en-suite bathrooms and terraces that face the Amazon River. This luxury lodge has a good relationship with the neighbouring San Juan de Yanayacu village that promotes ecotourism and is part of its surrounding jungle environment. The lodge promises the observation of monkeys, sloths, pink dolphins, fish and caimans in their natural habitat.

3. Yarapa River Lodge

Located on the Yarapa River, a tributary of the Amazon River, the Yarapa River Lodge part of the Peruvian Amazon. The award-winning lodge is heavily involved in conservation alliances and activities and uses full solar power, indigenous building techniques and earth-friendly practices to run its accommodation. The lodge offers tours of the surrounding rainforest, including a unique Shaman Experience – when you can experience the indigenous healing of the Amazon’s shamanic traditions.

4. Pacaya Samiria Lodge

Located in the buffer of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, one of the largest protected areas in Peru and the second largest reserve in the Amazon region, the Pacaya Samiria Lodge sits on the Marañon River in the Peruvian Amazon. The Lodge has eight cabañas, of one and two levels, with private bathrooms, terraces with hammocks and incredible views of the reserve. The Lodge also offers sensory tours in the daytime and the evening, with theatrical representations of stories, myths and legends.

5. Sinchicuy and Tambo Yanayacu Lodges

The two Amazon Lodges of the Paseos Amazonicos Jungle Lodges are located up to 37 miles away from Iquitos. The Sinchicuy Lodge has 32 rooms and is located 19 miles away from Iquitos on the Sinchicuy Creek, a tributary of the Amazon River. All of the rooms come with a private bathroom, romantic kerosene lanterns and wooden walkways. The Lodge has optional activities, which include natural history walks, visits to local communities, canoeing, hikes and bird watching. The Tambo Yanayacu Lodge features 10 large rooms, with private bathrooms, and is situated in the area known as the “Kingdom of the Giant Trees” around 37 miles from Iquitos, where the Yanaycu Creek connects with the Amazon River. This smaller lodge also offers tours of the surrounding Amazon, including its unique trip to the Kingdom of the Giant Trees.

6. Ontorongo Lodge

Situated close to the village of Oran, 2.5 hours from Iquitos on speedboat, Ontorongo Lodge is the only national heritage site in the Peruvian Amazon, with its masses of ancient pottery that have washed up in the rain at the site. From one of the Lodge’s 12 rooms with private bathrooms, you can see giant ceiba trees, mammoth lily pads, and pink and gray river dolphins. You can also hike through the Amazon and spot wildlife such as monkeys and birds, plus much more. The Lodge offers private guides and a chance to experience its 15 or more of the Amazon ecosystems. Their local dedication and conversation also makes it a conscience-free place to stay in the Amazon.

7. Cumaceba Lodge

On the banks of the Amazon River, the Cumaceba Lodge is about an hour from Iquitos by speedboat. The Lodge provides excellent protection from insects, and uses only kerosene and battery powered lamps for light. The Lodge has 30 rooms with private bathrooms, all connected by a sky walkway. The Lodge also offers a number of excursions including a visit to the floating houses in Belen, a night tour by canoe, insect observation, and visiting the local native tribe.

8. Refugio Altiplano

Located in a remote part of the Amazon Basin, Refugio Altiplano specialises in ayahuasca ceremonies, with an experienced, traditionally trained Shaman who practices Amazonian plant medicine. Set in more than 1,200 acres of wild jungle, a stay at Refugio Altiplano is all about connecting with your spiritual self, and with nature. The luxury lodge has a sauna, inspired by Native American sweat lodges, and a pool for relaxing, with a large three-story hut for viewing the local wildlife. The Lodge also provides healthy foods, and luxury accommodations including a private “western” bathrooms.

9. Amazon Green Lodge

The Amazon Green Lodge is located in the buffer zone close to the Amazon, allowing access to the Pacaya Samiria and the Ucayali River basin. Located 68 miles from Iquitos, the five Long Houses are built with their rustic surroundings in mind and feature private bathrooms and connected walkways. The Lodge offers tours such as an archaeological trek, customs and festivals, food tours, and adventure tours, such as mountaineering, trekking and canoeing.

10. Amazon Rainforest Lodge

The 30 bungalows of the Amazon Rainforest Lodge are located 45 minutes from Iquitos by speedboat on the Rio Momon. All rooms have private bathrooms, TV and intercom, which connects you to the rest of the Lodge. The Lodge also has a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a veranda with a panoramic view of the Amazon Rainforest. It also offers experienced guided tours through the Amazon and on the river.

Now you know some of the best Iquitos Amazon lodges to stay, the Peruvian Amazon awaits! Contact our destination specialists today for more expert tips on lodgings in Iquitos, Peru.


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