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With Rainforest Cruises, enjoy cruising Southeast Asia aboard the only luxury world-class vessel to voyage through Indonesia. Presenting a brand-new cruise experience in the pristine East Indonesian Archipelago, Aqua Blu is a long-range explorer yacht sailing the region’s most prized destinations, including Komodo National Park, Spice Islands and Raja Ampat on unforgettable 7- and 12-night itineraries.

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Spice Islands

Maluku - Spice Islands

The Spice Islands consist of over 1027 individual islands, of which some are sparsely populated. Most of the islands are mountainous with some even providing home to active volcanoes. If you are visiting the islands you can expect a mixture of climates from damp rainforests to dry and hilly landscapes too. The Maluku Islands are positioned at the meeting point of four geological plates and two continental blocks, which results in this area being one of the most geologically complex and active regions in the world. When traveling the Spice Islands you can expect to stumble upon fantastic spices, coffee and fruit together with uniquely eccentric flora and fauna. Now the amazing opportunity to journey through the Spice Islands is offered to you here with us, at Rainforest Cruises.The Spice Islands are situated in the north-east sector of Indonesia. There is an assortment of eight collective island groups that piece together to create this famous empire.

Komodo National Park
Raja Ampat

Komodo National Park

Komodo National park is situated on the west side of Indonesia, within the Lesser Sunda Islands - specifically between the western coastal section of an island called Flores and another island named Sumbawa. The park includes three large islands of volcanic origin; Komodo, Padar and Rinca - and an additional 26 smaller islands making a grand total of 29. Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was established to conserve the existence of the remarkable Komodo dragon and its habitat. Over time, this created somewhat of a foundation to serve and protect a range of flora and fauna. The oceanic environment around the Komodo National Park contains over 1000 species of fish, 260 species of reef-building coral and 70 species of sponges. You will also find some of the most captivating and mesmerizing aquatic creatures - dugongs, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and manta rays are just some of the beauties waiting to catch your eye in the crystal blue waters.

Raja Ampat

Translated to mean “Four Kings”, Raja Ampat captivates with the enigmatic beauty of its limestone karst island clusters, spawned out of legendary myth and continuing to bewilder and enthrall explorers with dramatic landscapes that shelter secret lagoons, bays and beaches. In between excursions to discover the world’s most biodiverse environments, Raja Ampat offers the chance to find that one perfect private hideaway out of thousands. To put it simply, every day is a National Geographic moment right before your eyes. Raja Ampat’s world-class wildlife excursions are both on the ground and underwater. It is here that famous 19th-century naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace had stumbled upon species of the bird of paradise that exist nowhere else but in this region on Earth. Catching sight of the otherworldly beauty of the Wilson’s bird of paradise and the Red bird of paradise and their mesmerizing behavior is arguably one of life’s most rewarding wildlife experiences.

Visiting Indonesia Aboard the Aqua Blu

The Aqua Blu is a stunning structured vessel which is the very first expedition yacht to be permanently based in the Indonesian Archipelago. With guaranteed departures all year round, you can travel the South China Sea at your leisure. The Aqua Blu cruise is the first steel-hull expedition yacht, its stabilizers provide the smoothest navigation and upmost comfort. Choose between a huge mixture of 8 or 13-Day cruise itineraries to experience Indonesia like you've never imagined possible.

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About Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. It’s so big that it straddles three different time zones and two might oceans. With open sea making up three-quarters of the country’s area and 18,000 tropical islands stretching over 3,100 miles (5,000 km) longitudinally from East to West and 1,050 miles (1,700 km) latitudinally from North to South, Indonesia is a prime location for cruise adventures. With its immense size, Indonesia also boasts an astounding cultural diversity, with 1,300 ethnic groups and 652 documented languages, of which 11 have disappeared and 19 on the verge of becoming extinct. Beyond the Southeast Asian country’s characteristic volcanic landscapes and colorful wildlife, a cultural treasure trove of age-old traditions and well-preserved colonial-era relics await your discovery. The Aqua Blu is the only luxury world-class vessel to voyage through Indonesia.

Mekong Delta

Snorkeling and Diving

Snorkeling and diving are available to excite you throughout many locations in Indonesia. If you are looking for the brightest and best you can trust us and take your journey towards; Raja Ampat, Komodo, Banda and the Labuan Bajo Islands. The Raja Ampat Islands consist of over 1,500 islands, incorporating the entire Coral Triangle. Dubbed as one of the most alluring island chains in the world this is a truly unmissable location for any traveller. Komodo is another glorious area comprised of three islands, home to over 1000 fish species including manta rays, sharks, whales, dolphins and turtles! Just off shore from the UNESCO Komodo National Park, you can guarantee if you spend some time here there is plenty to feast your eyes on. Whether on water or land you will be mesmerized, however getting in the water will expose those dazzling shallow coral reefs and breathtakingly colorful sapphire blue scenes.

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon

These creatures have been around for 900,000 years, sauntering around the Indonesian Islands with their long claws and thick reptilian tails. They are also known by natives of Komodo Island as ‘ora’ and ‘buaya darat’, meaning land crocodile. The Komodo dragon was first discovered in 1910 when Dutch colonials were exploring the Indonesian Islands. Knowledge of these creatures became widespread some 2 years later after Peter Ouwens published photographs and skin samples extracted from the recently discovered creature. Komodo dragons are extremely distinctive looking creatures. At first glance you will notice their textured and rough scaly skin - the bony plates that show on their armored surfaces are called osteoderms. These sensational animals weigh around 70 kg as fully grown adults, can run at high speeds of up to 20 kmph, dive deeply down to 4.5 meters in water and climb up trees and flora with their powerful limbs.


Top Tip: Please double check to see if your passport requires a visa to enter Indonesia. More information about obtaining a tourist visa can be found by contacting us, your local embassy, or your preferred travel visa service.

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