Komodo dragon with the ship in the background
Baby Orangutan in the trees
A basket of nutmeg
Wallace frog on a branch
Houses on stilts in the turquoise water
Yellow and brown bird of paradise
A group of volcanos
Divers and fish under water
Bali dragon sculpture and temple
Small boy in a boat at sea
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Indonesia Cruises

Attain nirvana as you sail on a sea of turquoise tranquility amongst 17,500 other-worldly islands, a kaleidoscope of cultures, white sands, rainforests, and Buddhist temples where komodo dragons, wild orangutans, and birds of paradise roam.
Komodo National Park
The ultimate Indonesian adventure awaits within the World Heritage-listed Komodo National Park, home to some of the planet’s most diverse and spectacular marine life, and the natural habitat of the formidable Komodo Dragon.
Embark on an epic river journey into Borneo's jungle-engulfed waters aboard a traditional houseboat, and enter an arboreal realm where endangered orangutans blissfully swing through the world's oldest rainforest.
Spice Islands
Sail through Indonesia’s little-visited Spice Islands, for centuries famed for their highly-prized nutmeg, mace and cloves, and today, charming with unspoilt nature, Dutch colonial legacies, traditional customs and dazzling oceanic wonders.
In The Wake Of Wallace
Welcome to Wallacea, the eponymous, bountiful biogeographical realm explored by pioneering 19th century naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace that inspired him to co-create the theory of evolution by natural selection and draw his namesake faunal boundary line to its west.
Sea Gypsies
Beyond the Banda Sea lies a realm of real-life Mermen, the Bajau, nomadic sea-gypsies who learn to swim before they can walk, wooden goggle-clad supermen who hunt the ocean floor with homemade spear-guns for minutes at a time on just a single breath.
Birds of Paradise
Lurking in the lowland leks of the paradisiacal karst landscapes of West Papua, bedazzling birds-of-paradise parade their heavenly haute couture, a pomp of iridescent plumage and dizzying courtship dances, resplendent ruffs and streaming filigree feathers.
Ring of Fire
Titanic tectonic plates collide in a seismic embrace along the Pacific Ring of Fire, the ardent flames of passion burning brightest in Indonesia, an archipelago of ethereal volcanic landscapes where volcanology’s most active A-listers vie for attention.
World-Class Diving
From its seawater lakes filled with sun-worshipping jellyfish, to its world-class wrecks and rolling reefs awash with spectacular psychedelic species and pelagic predators, Indonesia is a utopia of unique immersive experiences in marine habitats of unimaginable biodiversity.
One of the world’s favorite island getaways, Bali is the epitome of an exotic tropical paradise, a veritable ‘Island of the Gods’ littered with thousands of Balinese Hindu temples, emerald-hued rice paddies, mystical volcanoes and palm-fronted white sand shores.
Raja Ampat & West Papua
Plunge into the pristine, remote seas of breathtaking Raja Ampat and the Coral Triangle, encountering the planet’s most biodiverse marine environments on a once in a lifetime luxury voyage through West Papua that few get to experience.

Why Cruise Indonesia?

Regally draped across the Equator like an ermine mantle, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, a majestic sprawl of some 17,500 paradisiacal islands home to all manner of endemic wildlife and natural wonders. Dramatic volcanic landscapes submerge into sapphire blue surf, crystalline seas home to graceful whale sharks and nomadic sea-gypsies, filled with vibrant coral reefs fostering marine habitats of untold biodiversity. This alluring archipelago, once the inspiration for Wallace’s theory of natural selection, is now a sublime playground for Indonesia cruise trips and increasingly popular private yacht charters.

Set sail on one of our luxury small ship cruises in Indonesia, from traditional Pinisi schooners to superior scuba diving liveaboards and even oceangoing super-yachts, and visit some of the planet’s most pristine, remote and beautiful areas. Visit breathtaking Bali and the pink sands of the Komodo National Park – the habitat of the legendary Komodo Dragon – or follow the historic trade winds en route to the famous Spice Islands. Discover the glittering jewels of the ‘Coral Triangle‘ – the islands of Wayag in Raja Ampat and resplendent birds-of-paradise of West Papua – or venture deep into the jungle-fringed rivers of Indonesian Borneo to glimpse orangutans in the wild aboard a traditional Kalimantan riverboat.

Indonesia Cruises

Our hand-picked portfolio of Indonesian boats has been carefully chosen to include remarkable expedition vessels operated by only the most trusted of partners, preeminent pioneers in the region who offer exceptional itineraries, unrivaled knowledge and utmost levels of service.

Aqua Blu at sunrise

Aqua Blu

With 5 decks and 15 lavish suites, this former British Naval Explorer blends history and luxury.
8 - 13 Days
$8,295 USD
Ship with sails up


Couples or a small family will love this modern, boutique vessel available for private charters.
4 Days +
$3,490 USD
Ombak Putih at sea

Ombak Putih

This beautiful and traditional, Indonesian ‘Phinisi’ schooner has a capacity for 28 guests.
8 - 10 Days
$3,589 USD
Sequoia ship anchored

Sequoia Yacht

Like a floating villa, this sumptuous charter yacht is perfect for honeymooners and small families.
5 Days +
$9,195 USD
Kumai boat on the river


A traditional wooden riverboat, adapted into a comfortable houseboat for the enjoyment of nature.
3 - 5 Days
$719 USD
Katharina sailing


This 6-cabin yacht offers personalized service and an old-world sense of simple luxury.
8 - 10 Days
$3,589 USD
Rascal boat sailing


Perfect for families or fun-loving friends, this chic teakwood cruiser offers exploration and play.
5 Days +
$7,600 USD
Sailing ship


Comparable to a floating five-star villa, Lamima is the largest wooden sailing yacht ever built.
8 Days +
$18,375 USD
Ship at dusk


Perfect for families, this luxury, charter-only, pleasure yacht offers sea and land adventures.
3 Days +
$1,700 USD
Ship in the sunset light


A lavish, one-cabin-only, sailing boat, offering exclusive adventures tailored to your desires.
5 Days +
$3,617 USD
La Unua boat

La Unua

This classic wooden cruiser offers liveaboard diving with private charters for up to seven guests.
3 Days +
$1,065 USD
Ship under red sails


This 6-cabin Phinisi boat takes guests on exciting dive cruises to some of the world’s best sites.
10 - 12 Days
$6,710 USD
Ship with the red sails up

Tiger Blue

This luxury ship offers leisure, snorkeling and diving cruises, with 5 cabins and tiptop service.
5 Days +
$3,680 USD
Ship sailing

Carpe Diem Phinisi

A luxurious liveaboard offering diving, water activities and land exploration for up to 10 guests.
8 Days
$2,520 USD
Ship sailing with sails up

Dunia Baru

This majestic, charter-only, sailing yacht can accommodate up to 14 guests and has a 20-man crew.
7 Days +
$17,150 USD
Fenides in Indonesia


A luxury dive and surf liveaboard with a sleek design, state-of-the-art facilities and five cabins.
9 - 11 Days
$4,640 USD
Small sailing boat

Ikan Terbang

This intimate sailing boat offers customized private adventures in Komodo for up to 5 guests.
3 Days +
$800 USD

Lady Denok

This 7-cabin schooner takes divers to some of the most pristine and exciting destinations on earth.
8 - 10 Days
$2,380 USD
Yacht with red sails

La Galigo

With 7 cabins and personal service, this stylish liveaboard is designed for friends and families.
6 - 12 Days
$1,650 USD
Boat in Borneo

Rahai’i Pangun

This traditional Bornean riverboat has an upper viewing deck and 5 simple but charming cabins.
3 - 4 Days
$429 USD

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Our custom Indonesia tours seamlessly combine expedition cruises with bespoke island tours featuring private expert-led excursions and curated accommodations. Browse our best-selling Indonesia vacations below and begin an unforgettable journey tailored uniquely to you.


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