Ecuador Indigenous Women on wall
Quito Ecuador capital city historical center
Charming Cuenca city plaza in Ecuador
Banos Ecuador hanging bridge
Marine iguana in Galapagos archipelago
Mindo Ecuador humming bird resting
Lovely beach on Ecuador's pacific coast
Clouds covering the top of the mountain
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Ecuador Vacations

From its enchanted Galapagos to the quaint fishing villages of the Coast, across the snow-capped peaks and cobblestoned colonial cities of the Andes to its mystical Amazon - Ecuador is four worlds in one, a megadiverse myriad of adventure.
It’s thought that the most species-rich part of the Amazon lies in Ecuador, lauded especially by birdwatchers. A rich tapestry of sound and colors, this often underrated section of tropical rainforest is not to be missed.
From the woozy heights of Pichincha volcano, Quito unfurls in a blanket of colorful mansions, colonial monuments, and cobbled plazas, watched over by the outstretched silver wings of the Virgen of Quito atop El Panecillo.
A Moorish medieval masterpiece suspended from sheer cliffs above the Huécar River, Cuenca is Ecuador’s most beautiful colonial city. The steeples and cobbles of its UNESCO-listed center are the heart of this laid-back, authentic city.
Baños de Agua Santa
Perhaps it's the formidable presence of Tungurahua volcano, and its occasional fiery flare-ups, that lures the most adventurous to this sleepy Ecuadorian town, with its lofty cliffs, waterfalls, and revitalizing thermal springs.
Discover a world untouched by man on a life-changing expedition to the remote Galapagos, a fabled island paradise forged from fire, whose fearless endemic inhabitants continue to astonish all who visit and change the world in its way of thinking.
Amid the dewy branches of Ecuador’s spectacular cloud forest lies Mindo, the embrace of two of the most biologically diverse ecoregions in the world, a ramshackle, charming haven for bird watchers and adventure seekers alike.
Pacific Coast
Set sail on a seldom-traveled seascape of bountiful beauty and endless adventure amongst the pristine beaches, protected ecological reserves, and rich cultural and culinary heritage of Ecuador's Pacific coastline.
Cotopaxi National Park
Soaring nearly 6000 meters into the sky, its summit adorned by a glistening glacial crown, the stratovolcano of Cotopaxi majestically rules its namesake national park, luring adventure seekers as active as the volcano itself.

Why Visit Ecuador?

Ecuador may be small by South America’s standards, but it definitely packs a punch with regards to natural wonders. First to mind is the world-famous Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, where giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and sea lions parade like nature’s own catwalk models for all to admire.

But Ecuador vacation packages don’t finish there; this is a land of extremes, with the legendary biodiversity of the cloud forest of Mindo and Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the waterfalls of Baños, and the active Cotopaxi and other volcanoes of the Andes Mountains, home to colorful indigenous markets and some of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites in Latin America in the form of the historical old towns of Quito and Cuenca.

Ecuador Vacation Packages

Our custom Ecuador tours have been carefully crafted with enriching private excursions and thoughtful routes honed with years of in-destination experience. Browse our best-selling Ecuador travel packages below and begin an unforgettable journey tailored uniquely to you.

Ecuador Experiences


Our hand-picked portfolio of Ecuador cruises – including Ecuadorian Amazon, Pacific Coast and Galapagos Islands cruise ships – has been carefully chosen to include remarkable expedition vessels operated by only the most trusted of partners, preeminent pioneers in the region who offer exceptional itineraries, unrivaled knowledge and utmost levels of service.

Cormorant ship Galapagos

Cormorant I

Perfect for honeymoons, couples, or groups of friends, the luxury catamaran Cormorant is a real gem.
4 - 8 Days
$3,629 USD
Ship at sea

Kontiki Yacht

Contemporary yacht pioneering exploration of the Ecuadorian coast, blending wellness and discovery.
8 Days
$7,239 USD
Amazon River Cruise Anakonda Ecuador


Award-winning boutique vessel exploring Ecuador's biodiverse Oriente in luxurious style.
4 - 8 Days
$2,539 USD
Infinity at sea


A stunning yacht offering varied itineraries amid real luxury and supreme style.
4 - 8 Days
$3,429 USD
Ship at sea


An exquisite high-end catamaran that will take your breath away with its beauty.
4 - 8 Days
$3,979 USD
Amazon Rainforest Manatee cruise

Manatee Amazon Explorer

Superior cruising in the Ecuadorian Amazon, pairing comfort and quality with the wild of the jungle.
4 - 8 Days
$2,049 USD
Ship at sea


A sleek and stylish catamaran setting a new standard for luxury in the Galapagos Islands.
4 - 8 Days
$3,979 USD
Alya seen from the water level


A smooth riding and luxurious catamaran offering 5 and 6 day cruises in the Galapagos Islands.
5 - 6 Days
$2,808 USD
Camila at sea


A luxury trimaran offering cabins with balconies and one of the smoothest rides in the Galapagos.
4 - 8 Days
$3,389 USD
Coral cruise ship at sea

Coral I & II

Gorgeous, comfortable sister yachts with Jacuzzis, a cozy atmosphere and charming social areas.
4 - 8 Days
$1,769 USD
Petrel ship seen from the water level


Stylish, luxury cruising aboard a chic catamaran designed to sail the waters of the Galapagos.
4 - 8 Days
$3,389 USD
Galaxy at sea


Spacious, first class yacht with stunning features and eco-friendly Smart Planet certification.
4 - 8 Days
$1,819 USD
Eco Galaxy seen from above

Eco Galaxy

Sustainable cruises and exceptional eco-friendly adventures that help support local foundations.
5 - 6 Days
$2,609 USD
Ship at sea

Natural Paradise

A stylish and polished ship boasting an extremely high level of personal service.
4 - 8 Days
$2,929 USD
Legend seen from above

Galapagos Legend

An immense vessel beyond expectations, from vast exteriors to abundant amenities including a pool.
4 - 8 Days
$1,839 USD
Calipso at sea


A luxury-class yacht offering fantastic service and well-designed social areas.
4 - 8 Days
$2,429 USD
Ship bow

Grand Majestic

This luxury yacht is renowned for her speed, covering larger areas of the Galapagos in shorter time.
4 - 8 Days
$2,729 USD
Isabela II seen from the water level

Isabela II

The perfect, intimate vessel for couples to enjoy Darwin's islands in luxurious comfort.
5 - 7 Days
$3,799 USD
La Pinta Galapagos Cruise Vessel

La Pinta

A sophisticated, upscale Galapagos travel experience combining premium service and adventure.
5 - 7 Days
$5,009 USD
Ship with sails

Mary Anne

Follow in the wake of explorers past on a truly classic sailing ship, an elegant 3-mast barquentine.
8 Days
$4,200 USD
Ship with sails down

Nemo II

The Nemo II offers you all the thrills without completely discarding the frills!
4 - 8 Days
$1,119 USD

Treasure of Galapagos

A mega catamaran with private balconies and personal attention, perfect for special occasions.
5 - 7 Days
$3,579 USD

Stella Maris Yacht

A supreme luxury private charter only option for those who really want to live like kings.
8 Days +
$22,500 USD
Santa Cruz II at sea

Santa Cruz II

A spacious, state-of-the-art Galapagos ship with exceptional service to indulge every type of traveler.
5 - 7 Days
$4,099 USD
Evolution at sea


This beautiful mid-sized boat offers highly exclusive longer itineraries in luxurious surroundings.
8 Days
$6,700 USD
Grace at sea


A once royal, luxury yacht steeped in history and romance, ideal for celebrating special occasions.
8 Days
$7,800 USD
Origin Cruise vessel

Origin & Theory

Incredibly high level luxury cruising aboard stunning, state of the art twin vessels.
8 - 15 Days
$8,450 USD


Composed of the finest boutique haciendas and small ships in Ecuador, our curated accommodation collection has been inspected first-hand by our local destination specialists to satisfy our strict criteria for authenticity, individuality and the highest of hospitality standards.

What Our Customers are Saying

If you’d like to ensure that some of your descendants inherit your love for botanical beauty and for all God’s creatures, consider taking them to Ecuador’s Amazon and Galapagos Islands. There’s no way to adequately describe our incredible excursions through the jungle, but I still feel it and I won’t forget it. More importantly, my boys won’t either.
- Charlie W.
We had a really terrific trip. Thanks for all your help in planning it. The amazing Casa Gangotena is one of our top couple hotel experiences anywhere, including both the facility and the service. Frankly, I can't imagine anyone not loving it. And the Chapel of Man that houses the work of painter, Guayasamín, completely blew us away.
- Arnie K.
The Manatee Amazon cruise in Ecuador was great and we would have no hesitation recommending Rainforest Cruises to our friends. The staff were friendly and accommodating. Ecuadorian food was delicious. I was glad we did 4 nights rather than 3 nights as it gave us more opportunities to view wildlife.
- Peter A.
Happy Couple On Skiff In The Amazon
We arrived home late yesterday after the most amazing vacation ever! I wanted to thank you for your excellent choices and for organizing the trip. Every flight and transfer went extremely smoothly and the selected hotels, tours, and the Galapagos cruise was fantastic. Again, thanks for helping us organize a vacation that we will never forget.
- Laurie B.
Snorkeling In Galapagos With Turtle


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