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The Sundarbans is a river-riddled swamp region of shifting tides and man-eating tigers, remote, inhospitable and mostly uninhabited by humans. This is a truly wild terrain. Your chances of spotting a tiger are actually pretty slim, but you may get lucky. From the canopy walk at Sudhanyakhali and from various watchtowers along the way, you may well see wild boar, spotted deer, monkeys, reptiles including crocodiles and tortoises, and a huge variety of birdlife such as kingfishers, lap wings, white bellied sea eagles, curfews, pelicans, sandpipers and more.

Visit the crocodile project at Bhagabatpur island, a hatchery and sanctuary of the region’s estuarine crocodiles and stop off at the Tiger Rescue Center at Jharkhali. Sundarban cruises can vary in length from just a few days to a multi-day cross-country Sundarban tour package from Kolkata, in India, to Dhaka in Bangladesh, exploring the diverse ecosystem, culture and heritage that connects these two countries.

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river Cruise Private Charter

Ganges Voyager

Stylish voyages of colonial-style elegance and luxury along India's sacred River Ganges and beyond.
Regions: India
Destinations: Ganges, Hooghly, Kolkata, Sundarbans
wedding rings Honeymoon
rowing Adventure
diamond Luxury
/ Charter
$2,350 USD
Per Person
6 - 8 Days
4 Itineraries
56 Guests
28 Cabins
$20,100 USD
Per Day
8 Days +
56 Guests
28 Cabins