Ship at sea in Galapagos
Underwater photos of fish and coral reef
People in the skiff photographing the orca
Skiff approaching an island
Two people on the island at sunset
Old tortoise
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Galapagos Cruises

Follow in Darwin's footsteps on a life-changing voyage to the Enchanted Isles, a living museum and showcase of evolution, a modern Eden and near fantasy dominion of otherworldly landscapes and fearless wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.
Slip beneath the water’s surface and witness the sublime submarine spectacle on show, a myriad of celebrity marine life, including diving marine iguanas, rocking sea horses and spotted eagle rays, seducing starstruck snorkelers with their grace, elegance and showmanship.
Exceptional Wildlife Viewing
A true wildlife immersion, nowhere on Earth can match the Galápagos Islands for nature, from its iconic giant tortoises, lazy land iguanas and dancing blue-footed boobies on land, to the endemic Galápagos penguins, flightless cormorants and marine iguanas underwater.
Panga Rides
Take a front row seat for unrivaled wildlife watching on a panga ride. Spot green sea turtles whilst navigating the islands' mangroves, see statuesque marine iguanas atop rocky outcrops and peek at perching penguins and sea lion pups at play in startling close-up.
Daily Island Visits
Dry or wet landings are just the beginning of the adventure as you step ashore the enchanted islands on daily excursions, over imperturbable marine iguanas and slumbering sealions, onto trails of Darwinian discovery expertly led by your naturalist guide.
Follow in Darwin's Footsteps
Meet his namesake finches and discover how the inhabitants of the Galápagos had such a resounding impact on Darwin that he formed his theory of natural selection and controversially changed the scientific view on the biological origins of life forever more.
World-Class Scuba Diving
A pristine habitat to nearly 3,000 marine species with diverse geological formations, excellent visibility and exceptional hammerhead shark schooling encounters make the Galápagos Islands one of the world's foremost diving destinations.
Epicurean Cuisine
The archipelago may be famed for its animal magnetism, but its gastronomic appeal is growing, with its abundant fresh seafood combined with exotic Amazonian fruits and Andean staples from the Ecuadorian mainland creating mouthwatering dishes like Galápagos ceviche and encebollado soup.

Why Cruise the Galápagos?

Embark on a Galápagos cruise and experience the evolutionary oddities and breathtaking scenery of an astonishing archipelago famed worldwide for its wildlife-viewing opportunities. A haven hewn from lava and hidden from humanity for centuries – the Galápagos lie some 600 miles (nearly 1,000 km) off the Ecuadorian Pacific coast – this enchanting collection of islands and islets is home to a veritable menagerie of miraculous and marvelous wildlife waiting to meet you. Beneath the spectacular volcanic vistas, delve into an underwater wonderland, a nutrient-rich cocktail of currents conducting an oceanic opera of teeming marine life.

Aboard only the best Galápagos cruise ships available, explore the remote reaches of this otherworldly realm, and discover the pristine, protected visitor sites of the Galápagos National Park with the help of hand-chosen guides, naturalist oracles who will passionately impart their expert knowledge about the fascinating flora and fearless fauna you will encounter. Prepare yourself for one of the wildest of wildlife safaris imaginable on an unforgettable Galapagos Islands cruise, as you follow in Darwin’s footsteps to a world where tortoises are as big as boulders, marine iguanas span surf and shore, and blue-footed boobies perform mesmeric mating dances.

Galapagos Cruises

Our hand-picked portfolio of Galápagos cruise ships has been carefully chosen to include remarkable vessels operated by only the most trusted of partners, preeminent pioneers in the region who offer exceptional itineraries, unrivaled knowledge, and utmost levels of service.

Cormorant ship Galapagos

Cormorant I

Perfect for honeymoons, couples, or groups of friends, the luxury catamaran Cormorant is a real gem.
4 - 8 Days
$3,629 USD
Infinity at sea


A stunning yacht offering varied itineraries amid real luxury and supreme style.
4 - 8 Days
$3,429 USD
Ship at sea


An exquisite high-end catamaran that will take your breath away with its beauty.
4 - 8 Days
$3,979 USD
Ship at sea


A sleek and stylish catamaran setting a new standard for luxury in the Galapagos Islands.
4 - 8 Days
$3,979 USD
Alya seen from the water level


A smooth riding and luxurious catamaran offering 5 and 6 day cruises in the Galapagos Islands.
5 - 6 Days
$2,808 USD
Camila at sea


A luxury trimaran offering cabins with balconies and one of the smoothest rides in the Galapagos.
4 - 8 Days
$3,389 USD
Coral cruise ship at sea

Coral I & II

Gorgeous, comfortable sister yachts with Jacuzzis, a cozy atmosphere and charming social areas.
4 - 8 Days
$1,769 USD
Petrel ship seen from the water level


Stylish, luxury cruising aboard a chic catamaran designed to sail the waters of the Galapagos.
4 - 8 Days
$3,389 USD
Galaxy at sea


Spacious, first class yacht with stunning features and eco-friendly Smart Planet certification.
4 - 8 Days
$1,819 USD
Eco Galaxy seen from above

Eco Galaxy

Sustainable cruises and exceptional eco-friendly adventures that help support local foundations.
5 - 6 Days
$2,609 USD
Ship at sea

Natural Paradise

A stylish and polished ship boasting an extremely high level of personal service.
4 - 8 Days
$2,929 USD
Legend seen from above

Galapagos Legend

An immense vessel beyond expectations, from vast exteriors to abundant amenities including a pool.
4 - 8 Days
$1,839 USD
Calipso at sea


A luxury-class yacht offering fantastic service and well-designed social areas.
4 - 8 Days
$2,429 USD
Ship bow

Grand Majestic

This luxury yacht is renowned for her speed, covering larger areas of the Galapagos in shorter time.
4 - 8 Days
$2,729 USD
Isabela II seen from the water level

Isabela II

The perfect, intimate vessel for couples to enjoy Darwin's islands in luxurious comfort.
5 - 7 Days
$3,799 USD
La Pinta Galapagos Cruise Vessel

La Pinta

A sophisticated, upscale Galapagos travel experience combining premium service and adventure.
5 - 7 Days
$5,009 USD
Ship with sails

Mary Anne

Follow in the wake of explorers past on a truly classic sailing ship, an elegant 3-mast barquentine.
8 Days
$4,200 USD
Ship with sails down

Nemo II

The Nemo II offers you all the thrills without completely discarding the frills!
4 - 8 Days
$1,119 USD

Treasure of Galapagos

A mega catamaran with private balconies and personal attention, perfect for special occasions.
5 - 7 Days
$3,579 USD

Stella Maris Yacht

A supreme luxury private charter only option for those who really want to live like kings.
8 Days +
$22,500 USD
Santa Cruz II at sea

Santa Cruz II

A spacious, state-of-the-art Galapagos ship with exceptional service to indulge every type of traveler.
5 - 7 Days
$4,099 USD
Evolution at sea


This beautiful mid-sized boat offers highly exclusive longer itineraries in luxurious surroundings.
8 Days
$6,700 USD
Grace at sea


A once royal, luxury yacht steeped in history and romance, ideal for celebrating special occasions.
8 Days
$7,800 USD
Origin Cruise vessel

Origin & Theory

Incredibly high level luxury cruising aboard stunning, state of the art twin vessels.
8 - 15 Days
$8,450 USD

Galapagos Experiences

Cruise Packages

Our custom Galápagos tours are the ultimate in Galápagos Islands cruise packages, seamlessly combining Galápagos cruises with bespoke land tours featuring private expert-led excursions and curated accommodations. Browse our best-selling Galápagos vacations below and begin an unforgettable journey tailored uniquely to you.

What Our Customers are Saying

Every island visit was just 'us'. Food was varied and delicious and the overall experience incredible. 8 days was a really good length of time to really feel the nature of the Galapagos. We only missed one species – the Albatross! The crew was supportive, helpful and very skilled. They really supported us in having a positive adventure.
- Sharon K.
Thank you for putting together what was a fabulous trip to the Galapagos on the Mary Anne. I have been editing my photos today and it brought vividly back what a wonderful experience it was and how smoothly everything went. The ship and its crew were just terrific and Martha, our guide, was excellent in every way.
- Peter L.
A Lady Taking Photos Of Marine Iguanas
We arrived home late yesterday after the most amazing vacation ever! I wanted to thank you for your excellent choices and for organizing the trip. Every flight and transfer went extremely smoothly and the selected hotels, tours, and the Galapagos cruise was fantastic. Again, thanks for helping us organize a vacation that we will never forget.
- Laurie B.
Snorkeling In Galapagos With Turtle
The Galapagos Islands inspired us to think differently about the world! The wildlife we saw up close and personal was awesome. It's hard to remember it all. We were looking for an experience to get us as close as possible to the natural world of the Galapagos and we certainly got it on the Galapagos Legend.
- Anna D.
Young woman on the beach in Galapagos


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