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Amazon River Cruises

An Amazon River cruise is a river cruise like no other on Earth. The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world and its mighty namesake river, the longest, a meandering aortic life force to 9 different countries. The best way to discover this extraordinary habitat and meet its colorful inhabitants is by river cruise. See our cruise destinations and best-selling amazon cruises below.

Watch an Amazon River Tour

The Amazon has been named as one of the world's new seven wonders of nature, but for time immemorial has been described as the cradle of evolution, an ancient, almost mythical ecosystem whose richness and wonder continues to lure adventurous travelers from all walks of life. Unparalleled in biodiversity, more than 1/3 of all animal species recorded in the world are found in the Amazon River's basin, including 1/5 of all birds on earth. Discover a mysterious realm of exotic creatures, mystical shamans and natural wonders as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime to explore the boundless diversity of Mother Nature's greatest creation - the Amazon Rainforest. Travel deep into some of the Amazon's largest protected reserves, experiencing different ecosystems and wildlife as you slowly drift on its tranquil tributaries and idyllic lakes, sleeping in different locations each night, under a different spectacular sunset. The only question is, which part of the Amazon River should you cruise on?

Amazon River Cruise Destinations

Peru Cruises

Peru is not only home to some of the most luxurious riverboats in Amazonia, but it also contains the birthplace of the Amazon River itself. Incredibly two-thirds of its entire landmass is covered by rainforest, much of it unspoiled and waiting to be explored, making this an ideal destination for an Amazon Peru cruise.

Brazil Cruises

The Amazon Rainforest is synonymous with Brazil, not surprising given 60% of it is to be found within its borders. Explore the vast Central Amazon Biosphere Reserve influenced by the Negro and Solimões Rivers, over 20 million hectares of protected habitat, bursting with wildlife and authentic Amazon cruise adventures.

Ecuador Cruises

As one of the world's 17 mega-diverse countries, Ecuador is a great choice for an Amazon River cruise, a wildlife hotspot home to a huge variety of species, many of them endemic. Discover Ecuador's mystical "Oriente" region as you follow in the footsteps of the original Amazon explorer himself, Francisco de Orellana.

Bolivia Cruises

The Bolivian Amazon lies more than a thousand kilometres from the mainstream of the mighty River Amazon itself and occupies a fraction of the total basin, and yet is still an excellent place to take an Amazon jungle tour. Boasting one of the most well-preserved, natural and bio-diverse environments in the world.

4 Best Amazon River Cruises

Delfin I                                   $4,119+
Peru – Luxury

Zafiro                                    $3,369+
Peru – Luxury

Anakonda                              $2,429
Ecuador – Luxury

Iberostar                                  $946+
Brazil – Superior

Amazon River Tour Highlights

Wildlife Lovers

Wildlife Lovers

Those with a passion for birdwatching, monkey-spotting or discovering exotic flora and fauna will find the Amazon rainforest to be a wildlife lover’s paradise. On an Amazon River cruise you will go on excursions with an expert naturalist guide, who will help bring you to an intimate encounter with Amazonian wildlife. Whether it's a pink river dolphin splashing by, or a capuchin monkey jumping across the rainforest canopy, be sure to have your binoculars and camera ready. Trek through the jungle to learn about medicinal plants and amazonian super fruits and look out below, you might spot an anaconda snake hiding in the marshes. Listen to the silence of the Amazon be broken by bird calls and unusual animals sounds. To say the Amazon jungle is an immersive experience for wildlife lovers is an understatement! 

Amazon River Cruise Piranha Fishing

Adventure Enthusiasts

The Amazon rainforest is an incredible natural environment that offers prime adventure sport opportunities. On an Amazon River cruise, you will have the opportunity to try out a few adventure sports that will get your adrenaline pumping. There is nothing quite like kayaking through the lakes and tributaries of the Amazon while spotting birds and three-toed sloths. Go where your amazon river cruise can’t by stand-up paddle board and glide along the calm waters of subsidiary rivers under the warm sun. Your naturalist guide will help you paddles out in a small canoe to try your hand at piranha fishing, a favorite Amazon River tour activity. The peaceful wait will be followed by the excitement of the catch, and seeing a piranha snapping at the end of your line is something you’ll only experience in the Amazon jungle.

amazon river cruise food

Food Travelers

The Amazon’s regional cuisine is not to be missed! The rainforest has a unique set of fresh ingredients, cooking styles and cultures that results in mouth-watering dishes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Each of the countries within which the Amazon lies are known for their own impressive culinary contributions, Peru has even been named the best culinary destination in the world. For many Rainforest Cruises travelers, an unexpected highlight of an Amazon cruise is the chance to sample these exotic delicatessens. Meals are prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients from the surrounding environment. Taste a variety of exquisite fish, meat and vegetable dishes, accompanied by a cocktail made with exotic tropical fruits. Feeling adventurous? Give the suri worm or piranha a try!

Amazon River Community

New Perspectives

The Amazon rainforest is home to Amazonian tribes and communities, many living as they always have (some even remain wholly uncontacted by outsiders). Many of these communities have decided to share their culture with visitors to the Amazon, and invite groups from Amazon cruises to visit them and learn about their lifestyle. For any traveler hungry to learn, this is an unforgettable experience. You may meet a local shaman, learn about natural medicine, meet local school kids and see first hand how Amazonian food is prepared. Don't forget to join in on a soccer match, the region's favorite sport. Some Amazonian tribes may offer a traditional dance performance and blow-gun demonstration. Hand-made goods are often available for sale, which helps to sustainably support these communities.

Choose an Amazon Cruise Style

Luxury Cruises

Rainforest Cruises has itineraries onboard Amazon river cruises that are truly first-rate accommodations. See what makes a luxury Amazon cruise so special, and take a look inside are best-selling cruises, the Delfin and Aqua Expeditions fleet.

Superior Cruises

Our mid-range of amazon river cruises offer the perfect blend of comfort, adventure and affordability. Be pampered, informed and exhilarated in a breath-taking wilderness. Our Iberostar Grand Amazon cruise is a top pick!

Comfort Cruises

You don't need to break the bank to enjoy a wonderful Amazon River cruise. Our comfort cruises boast some of the more interesting itineraries aboard traditional vessels full of character. Amazon cruises just like you imagined.

Honeymoon Cruises

Newly-wed and in search of a honeymoon unlike any other? Not many experiences can match the adventure and romance of river cruise along the world's bigger river, the Amazon. Look for its magical sunsets and starry night skies. 

Amazon River Cruise Monkey

Decisions Decisions

Can't decide which country you prefer? Want to know more about the differences in Amazon River cruises between the various countries? Simply contact us online or give us a ring and one of our helpful travel consultants will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect Amazon River cruise destination for you.

Alternatively, why not check out our cruise styles section? Certain destinations have more boats of certain styles than others, so this may help you narrow down your search.

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