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Indonesia Travel Guide

The definitive travel guide to Indonesia with expert Indonesia cruise tips, advice and ideas on how to plan your Indonesia trip for the most rewarding of Indonesia vacations.

Total solar eclipse
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Total Solar Eclipse Cruise 2023

What will you be doing on April 20, 2023? Imagine being on a tropical island paradise in the remote southern reaches of Indonesia’s Banda Sea and witnessing one of the most profound […]
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Raja Ampat Diving: Best Dive Sites, Season, Resorts & Liveaboards

Straddling the Equator off the extreme north-western tip of Indonesia’s Papua province, Raja Ampat is an archipelago of 610 islands; a figure that can be boosted to more than 1500 if you […]
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Diving Komodo vs Raja Ampat: Which is Better?

If you had to choose between diving Komodo and diving Raja Ampat, which would you choose? Which is best? Both are stellar locations; Komodo is unique due to the top side dragons, […]
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9 Best Diving Spots in Southeast Asia

With the Indo-Pacific Coral Triangle at its heart, Southeast Asia offers some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the world. As a consequence of the immense tidal changes from the North […]
Marine life seen through a clear water
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Diving Indonesia: Best Dive Sites, Season & Liveaboard Routes

With 17,508 islands, 50,000 miles of coastline, 98,000 square nautical miles of territorial sea, 20,000 square kilometers of coral reefs and some 600 species of coral, 30,000 square kilometers of mangroves forest, […]
couple at a pool admiring quite a view
  • Tips

Where To Stay In Indonesia: The Best Hotels & Areas

With so many amazing places and more than 17,500 islands to visit, you may be wondering where to go and where to stay in Indonesia. Depending on how far you want to […]
dinner at the beach
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Indonesia Honeymoon: Dream Destinations & Best Resorts

If you are looking for a dreamy Indonesia honeymoon destination, you will find an abundance of incredibly gorgeous locations to visit and explore within this archipelago of 17,508 islands, known for their […]
palms at the beach
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12 Best Tourist Attractions In Indonesia You Have To See

Indonesia is a land of contrasts, a land where the spiritual manifests itself through diverse cultures, magnificent temples, and artwork, while Mother Nature holds untold treasures in her dramatic seascapes, landscapes, flourishing […]
mommy and son walking throught a water garden full of stone statues
  • Tips

Bali With Kids: Where To Stay & Family-Friendly Things To Do

The best places in Indonesia for families – especially with kid-friendly facilities – are generally limited to those within Bali, which caters well to vacationing families with a myriad of activities to […]
plantations in indonesia
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time To Visit Indonesia?

Indonesia is an incredibly diverse country that varies significantly from region to region. Therefore, the best time to visit Indonesia will depend on the season, the regions you wish to visit, the […]
temple in a sunny day in indonesia
  • Tips

10 Best Places To Visit In Indonesia

From ancient empires to tourist-friendly islands and everything in-between, Indonesia’s wild landscapes, crystalline waters, and rich cultures present the potential for activities that cater to every conceivable taste. Idyllic white-sand beaches, powerful […]
Table set with many Indonesian dishes
  • Cuisine

Indonesian Food: 11 Traditional Dishes You Should Eat

Indonesia consists of 17,000 islands full of different flavors and tastes. Food in Indonesia is a mix of local biodiversity and centuries of influences by the traders from India, the Middle East, […]
Aerial view of a deck over clear water
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The 7 Best Things To Do In Indonesia

Indonesia – the tropical paradise, the land of spices, volcanoes, nasi goreng, and coral reefs. Over 17,000 islands stretched between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. On top of its breathtaking beauty, Indonesia […]
Coral reef and islands shaping water into a heart
  • Nature

Coral Triangle

A dazzling kaleidoscope of colors and creatures flashing beneath the surface. An underwater megalopolis bustling with life. An alien landscape like none other. With more marine species than anywhere else on Earth; […]
Rice terraces and a volcano in the background
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Interesting Facts About Bali, Indonesia

Bali – Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination, celebrated for dramatic volcanoes carpeted in forests, meticulously managed rice paddies, black sand beaches, and coral reefs. Making up a population of over 4 million, […]
Jakarta at night
  • Inspiration

Abandon Capital! Jakarta Is Sinking

Jakarta – Indonesia’s raucous, restless, relentless capital city. But for how long? The Indonesian government announced in mid-August 2019 plans to move the capital from the problem-plagued Jakarta to a brand new […]
Man opening the nutmeg
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A Brief History Of The Spice Islands

The Maluku (or Maluccas) Islands exist in the heart of Indonesia, or as they are more commonly known, the Spice Islands thanks to their fame for the quality of the nutmeg, cloves, […]
Komodo Dragon
  • Nature

Komodo Dragon Facts

Komodo dragons are the absolute bosses of the lizard world. These creatures have been around for 900,000 years, sauntering around the Indonesian Islands with their long claws and thick reptilian tails. They […]
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