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Myanmar Travel Guide

The definitive Myanmar travel guide with expert Irrawaddy river cruise tips, advice and ideas on how to plan your Myanmar trip for the most rewarding of tailor made Myanmar vacations.

Burmese monks walking with the traditional umbrellas
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9 Top Places To Visit In Myanmar

Known as the Golden Land, Myanmar is rich in culture, history, sublime landscapes, hospitable people and deeply Buddhist culture. The country’s diverse beauty ranges from snow-capped Himalayan mountaintops to vast underwater reefs […]
Bagan from above
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Where To Stay In Myanmar: The Best Hotels & Areas

Looking for some ideas on where to stay in Myanmar? Here’s a guide to the best hotels in Myanmar: Yangon The Strand Yangon This 1901 icon from the heyday of stylish travel […]
Gold pagoda in Myanmar
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The 10 Best Things To Do In Myanmar

Formerly called Burma, Myanmar is a country full of mysterious cultural richness and natural beauties, despite going through many ordeals and hardships. Sharing borders with India, China, Thailand, and Bangladesh, Myanmar has […]
Bo Hon island north of Halong Bay
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When Is The Best Time To Visit Halong Bay?

With a mind-blowing landscape of limestone karsts emerging from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay ranks among the most impressive tourist attractions of Southeast Asia and is guaranteed […]
street food myanmar
  • Cuisine

Myanmar Food: 15 Traditional Dishes You Should Eat

Myanmar food is an integral part of the Burmese way of life. The people of Myanmar love to indulge in food and spend a great many hours preparing and eating a meal, […]
Young girl with thanaka paste on her face
  • Culture

Thanaka – The Bark Behind Burmese Beauty

There isn’t a more distinct image of Burmese women than their golden-painted cheeks. Young or old, Buddhist or Muslim, almost all females in Myanmar make up their faces daily with a paste […]
Head piece of Akha tribe
  • Culture

Ethnic Groups of Myanmar: An Ethnological Guide To Burmese Tribes

A trip to Myanmar is like visiting hundreds of different countries all rolled into one. With over 135 separate ethnic groups of Myanmar, each with its own different culture and customs, this […]
Irrawaddy in Sagaing from the hill
  • Tips

Best Time To Cruise The Irrawaddy River

The Irrawaddy River is quite literally the backbone of Myanmar (Burma), running down the country’s spine from north to south. It emerges from the confluence of the Mali and N’Mai rivers in […]
People on a boat taking photos pf the sunset
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Chindwin River in Myanmar

A total count of 65 different rivers flow instinctively untamed through the huge Myanmar republic. These profound bodies of water spread in connection to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. One of particular […]
Irrawaddy river dolphin
  • Nature

Irrawaddy River Dolphin

Dolphins are unarguably one of the most beautiful and intellectually gifted creatures on earth. With elusive communicational skills, their language is far more extensive and complex than that of the human race. […]
Beach and turquoise water
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Myanmar Travel Tips: What To Know Before You Go To Burma

[Note: As of February 2021, the following remarks about the political situation in Myanmar are no longer valid.]  Not long ago this intriguing Asian country was largely off-limits to the Western tourist. […]
White temple and a young woman
  • Culture

Shwedagon Pagoda Guide: Burma’s Bedazzling Buddhist Shrine

The bedazzling golden Shwedagon Pagoda is the most sacred site in all of Myanmar and a must-see for any visitor planning a trip to this emerging Southeast Asian destination. Located right in […]
Beautiful floating pagoda
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Is Inle Lake Worth Visiting?

In short, absolutely! The vast Inle Lake is one of Myanmar’s most impressive natural treasures and biggest tourist draws. With stunning scenic vistas, floating gardens, picturesque stilt villages and opportunities for handicraft […]
Bagan plain and mountains in the background
  • Tips

Where Is Bagan Located? (And How To Get There)

Bagan (or Pagan) is the ancient capital city of the first Burmese empire, situated on the eastern banks of the Irrawaddy (officially Ayeyarwady) River, roughly 180km downstream (or south-west) of Mandalay, in […]
Plains of Bagan
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The 5 Best Things To Do In Bagan

Bagan is probably the number one destination in Myanmar for travellers. It is home to some of the most impressive temples and pagodas in the world and emanates a mystical charm that […]
Bagan temples plains
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The Top 5 Temples of Bagan (Myanmar) To Visit

If you haven’t heard of Bagan then you need to stop reading this article right now and type it into Google Images. All done? Good. Bagan is a place beyond belief; a […]
Boat approaching tall bridge at sunset
  • Culture

U-Bein Bridge: Myanmar’s Wonderful Wooden Walkway

The beautiful U-Bein bridge is easily one of Myanmar’s most photographed and iconic sites. With its picturesque structure, bustling local life and legendary sunsets, it’s fast becoming one of the country’s premier […]
Shwedagon Pagoda under the starry sky
  • Culture

History of Shwedagon Pagoda

Still cloaked in a thick veil of mystery, Myanmar is Southeast Asia’s latest addition to the global travel scene. With stunning temples, bustling markets, breath-taking scenery and so much more on offer, […]
Buddhism child monk in Bagan
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Top 10 Myanmar Tourist Attractions You Have To See

Planning a trip to Myanmar and wondering what sights are not to be missed? From archaeological wonders to pristine palm-lined beaches, panoramic viewpoints to colossal caves and serene lakes, there are plenty […]
Young female traveler looking at Bagan temples
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time to Visit Myanmar?

When planning the best time to visit Myanmar (Burma), it’s important to consider seasons. This is particularly true when planning to travel in Myanmar by river cruise. One of the most important […]
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