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Thailand River Cruises

Thailand river cruises take you along some of the country’s most fascinating waterways, unforgettable voyages that offer the ideal way to experience the country’s more remote areas that few get to experience. Inland cruises can transport you deep into the legendary Golden Triangle along jungle-engulfed rivers, or along the River Kwai, exploring not only Kanchanaburi’s haunting World War II sites, but sacred cave temples, ancient Khmer ruins and hot springs amid tranquil rural scenery. In the dynamic capital, Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River, or ‘River of Kings,’ is this megacity’s lifeblood and closely intertwined with centuries-old regal history. Onboard enthralling Bangkok river cruises, glide past majestic landmarks and colorful riverine life in comfort.

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River Kwai ship on a River Kwai
river Cruise Private Charter

RV River Kwai

Thailand’s first inland cruise ship combines the romance of the colonial era with modern luxuries.
Regions: Thailand
Destinations: Kanchanaburi, River Kwai
rowing Adventure
family Family
a check Solo
/ Charter
$1,560 USD
Per Person
4 - 7 Days
3 Itineraries
20 Guests
10 Cabins
$6,089 USD
Per Day
4 Days +
20 Guests
10 Cabins
Loy Dream on the river
Private Charter Private Charter

Loy Dream

An exquisite river ship for four guests only, with sophisticated interiors and gourmet cuisine.
Regions: Thailand
Destinations: Bangkok, Chao Phraya River
diamond Luxury
Charter From
$2,700 USD
Per Day
3 Days +
4 Guests
2 Cabins
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