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Bonito Brazil Tours & Vacation Packages

Bonito well and truly lives up to its name – gob-smackingly beautiful scenery surrounds this sprawling town in Mato Grosso do Sul state in southern Brazil. Famous for its crystal clear rivers like the Rio da Prata, blue lake caves, natural pools and the stunning Serra da Bodoquena national park, this is a natural adventure park waiting to be explored.

Take a horseback ride through the forest of the Mimoso River, past tumbling waterfalls, spots for a cooling swim, and exhilarating viewpoints with sight lines to distant mountains. Bonito tours are all about water, so dive right in – from snorkel tours amid fish of all colors, to epic caving trips in rocky abysses lined with superb stalagmites.

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Aqua Brazil Family Adventure

An aquatic adventure including snorkeling Bonito’s crystal rivers, beach breaks, and the Amazon.
Regions: Amazon, Brazil
Destinations: Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Bonito, Manaus, Brazil Amazon
family Family
Starting From
$6,375 USD
Per Person
14 Days
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