An Expedition Cruise To Galapagos

Expedition Cruises

Not every expedition cruise goes to Antarctica. The best expedition cruises take you on voyages into the unknown, exploring the most exotic and hard-to-reach corners of the earth. Step aboard small, boutique ships custom built to navigate their unique destinations and begin an incredible, unforgettable odyssey to one of the world's wildest frontiers.
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With capacity for up to 200 passengers, expedition cruise ships are small and agile, easily adapting routes for opportune wildlife encounters and promoting an intimate onboard atmosphere with your crew and fellow passengers.

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Expedition cruises can go where bigger ships can’t, to secret, secluded and seldom visited spots away from the crowds where remote communities reside and remarkable wildlife roams, for a more authentic and rewarding travel experience.



Expedition cruising is ideal for those travelers seeking a natural and cultural immersion with more time spent on excursions. This is true exploration, full of active adventure, ethnological enlightenment and exotic wildlife-spotting opportunities.

Expedition Cruises

Amazon River

Embark on the most rewarding nature expedition in the world on the mightiest of rivers – the Amazon. Covering some 40% of South America, venture deep into the earth’s largest rainforest, a wild realm of unparalleled adventure.

Explore this pristine wilderness aboard a luxurious expedition cruise in the Amazon, with jungle treks and kayaking excursions, and witness the teeming wildlife and plant life of the Amazon Rainforest in astonishing close up.

Expedition Cruise on the Amazon River
Expedition Cruises

Galapágos Islands

Galapagos expedition cruises take close wildlife encounters to the next level. Travel aboard luxury yachts tailored to navigating the islands, complete with panoramic viewing decks and private balconies, ideal for bird and whale watching.

With limited capacities catering only to small groups, you’ll get these enchanting islands and their remarkable residents more to yourself, not to mention the enriching expertise of the best naturalist guides who make the difference between a good adventure and the trip-of-a-lifetime.

Expedition Cruise in the Galapagos Whale Watching
Expedition Cruises

Indonesian Archipelago

Epic Indonesia expedition cruises explore one of the world’s most mega-diverse countries. Once known as the East Indies and famed for its spices, the Indonesian archipelago is now revered for its incredible underwater ecosystems, exceptional birding and thrilling cultural exchanges.

For botanists and birders, hikers and divers, this jamboree of remote and jungle-covered islands, set amid spectacular volcanic vistas and colorful corals, proffers plentiful opportunities to spot incredible endemic species and experience once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters.

Expedition Cruise in the Indonesian Archipelago
Expedition Cruises

Mekong River

Enter the realm of the dragon spirit and embark on a mystical journey along Asia’s most legendary river – the Mekong – a cultural odyssey across 2,000 years of human history, abound with magnificent megalithic temples, lush landscapes, and charming colonial cities.

As your Mekong river cruise meanders majestically through Laos’ narrow valleys into the vast alluvial plain of Cambodia and its dynamic delta in Vietnam, uncover its hidden archaeological wonders and daily life of the monks, artisans and farmers of its timeless traditional villages.

Expedition Cruise on the Mekong River
Expedition Cruises

Irrawaddy River

Travel back in time to the Asia of yesteryear on a most extraordinarily enchanting expedition along Myanmar’s timeless and temple-strewn Irrawaddy River as it bisects a Burmese landscape littered with bullock carts and ox-ploughs, tiered pagodas and rambling teak monasteries.

From Bagan’s breathtaking buddhist temples to Pyay’s bejeweled Shwesandaw Pagoda, discover the vestiges and royal capitals of ancient kingdoms, shimmering silver stupas, and a captivating culture long cut off from the rest of the world.

Expedition Cruise on the Irrawaddy River
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