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Private Charter


A petite and private riverboat with just two cabins, perfect for intimate rainforest exploration.


At 17.28 meters long, Iara is a petite boat that can host up to four guests in two cabins. Because Iara is exclusively available for private charters, your time aboard will be personalized to your desires.

Life Aboard The Iara

When you arrive in Manaus to embark the Iara, you will find a well-appointed boat complete with everything you need for a comfortable and safe tour of the Amazon.

Start your stay with a stop in the lower deck’s bar and kitchen to sip Brazil’s national cocktail. The Caïpirinha is made by muddling cachaça, sugar with fresh limes, and is perfect for toasting the start of your holiday. Then, take your drink to the upper deck’s observation deck to relax in a lounge chair as the boat begins its gentle journey down the Amazon. At the end of the day, retire to your air-conditioned cabin for a restful night’s sleep.

Create Your Own Excursions From The Iara

Since you will be cruising solely with your private group, you will have the opportunity to customize your itinerary to include the experiences you crave. At the start of your journey, will you be able to see the ‘Meeting of the Waters’ phenomenon where the Solimões and Negro Rivers collide. The tan water of the Solimões and the black water of the Negro merge into one body of water, but the hues stay separate without blending into each other.

You may also visit the indigenous communities of Tarrino, Dessano, and Tuiuca for cultural presentations. Then, take a guided nighttime walk through the forest to see the local wildlife’s nocturnal habits. Manaus is also the ideal embarkation spot to visit Janauari Ecological Park. You will be able to explore the area via a motorized canoe and see the famous Amazonian Water Lily. Another popular option is a swim with the pink Amazonian dolphins that make their home in the Acajatuba River.

You will also be able to sail through the Anavilhanas Archipelago and hike through the jungle in search of rare birds, such as the Wire-tailed Manakins. You may also enjoy a motorized canoe ride up the Aturiá River before tucking into an al-fresco lunch on the riverbank. Whichever activities you choose, a bilingual naturalist guide, who speaks both English and Portuguese, will lead all of the excursions and provide expert information on the area, wildlife and flora.

Create Your Own Schedule

With a private charter aboard the Iara Brazil, you can create your own schedule. Organize a ten-day stay for a stand-alone holiday or come aboard for just three days to combine your Iara cruise with visits to other areas of Brazil.

Whether you are a small family or a couple in love, Iara can be your home for your cruise through the Amazon. Pricing is based on the cruise’s length and the number of people, which allows you to find the ideal combination for your holiday.

Itineraries & Prices

All itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s or your guide's discretion.

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5 Day - 4 Nights

Sample Itinerary
itinerary map


AM: You will be picked up and transferred to the vessel to begin your adventure on board the Iara. Start by sipping away on a local Caipirinha cocktail. Today we will be visiting the Janauari Ecological Park, followed by a trip to the flooded forest area known as ‘varzea’ which is jam-packed with incredibly fertile soil. Tours will be taken in motorized canoes for better exploration. In this particular region, we will have a fantastic opportunity to see the famous Amazonian Water Lily, locally named Vitórias-régias (Victoria Amazonica).

PM: This afternoon we will visit the famous meeting of the waters, the joining point of the Solimões and Negro River. We’ll also visit the Tarrino, Dessano, and Tuiuca indigenous peoples for their cultural presentations. You can also take part in a night exploration after dinner to spot the wildlife that comes alive after dark.

Iara's 5-Day Charter Cruise Day One - Victoria Regis Water Lily.
Manaus - Amazon River
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Swimming With Dolphins

AM: Very early tour in the morning to hear the sounds of the forest. After breakfast, we’ll get to see and swim with the pink botos (amazonian dolphins) in the Acajatuba River and learn a little bit about these interesting animals.

PM: In the afternoon we will explore the Cuieiras river area river and Campina area.

Iara's 5-Day Charter Cruise Day Two - Swimming with Pink Dolphins.
Amazon River
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Negro River

AM: Spend the morning at your leisure on board.

PM: In the afternoon, we’ll sail up the Negro River through the Anavilhanas Archipelago. Here we can disembark to start a hike where, if we’re lucky, we’ll get the chance to see beautiful birds, including the Wire-tailed Manakins, who perform special dances for the female birds. We follow this with a tour in the Igarapé (a small body of water, generally a tributary river or a canal) of Santo Antonio to visit the firm soil of the Negro River. Still at the Igarapé at the Anavilhanas in the afternoon, we’ll observe the archipelago from the boat’s deck.

Iara's 5-Day Charter Cruise Day Three - Anavilhanas View.
Amazon River
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Caneo Ride, Riverbank Lunch & Fishing

AM: Depending on the water level, we’ll spend the day in canoes and go through tiny waterfalls in the cold Waters of the Aturiá River. 

PM: We will take our lunch and beverages for an alfresco experience, picking as a spot to build a fire by the river’s shore before we tuck in. In the afternoon we will go fishing in the Amazon River. 

Iara's 5-Day Charter Cruise Day Four - Canoeing from the beach.
Amazon River
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AM: On the way down to Manaus, (if the water level is permitting) we will stop by a beach called Tupé. Here you can enjoy the area on your final day in the Brazilian Amazon. 

PM: Afterward, we sail back to Manaus for your farewell dinner on board. We will return to Manaus around 21:00, where your transfer will be waiting for you at the cruise port. 

Iara's 5-Day Charter Cruise Day Five - Disembarkation.
Amazon River - Manaus
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Social Areas

Breakfast Station
Side Deck
Sun Deck
Buffet with fruit
Narrow deck
Small kitchenette
Aerial view of a skiff
Hammock on the deck
Hammock on the deck
Table onboard

Suites & Cabins

Iara's Standard Twin Cabin. Iara's Standard Twin Cabin - Bunk. Iara's Standard Twin Cabin - Bathroom. Iara's Standard Twin Cabin - Bunk. Iara's Standard Twin Cabin. Iara's Standard Twin Cabin.
2 Cabins

Standard Twin Cabin

6-7.25 m² / 65-78 ft²
Twin / Bunk

Iara has two cabins, only making it perfect for traveling families, close friends, and couples. The cabins are air-conditioned, ensuring guests can rest peacefully. It also features shared bathrooms that come with basic amenities like soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

Technical Information

Deck Plan

Deck plan


  • Air conditioning


  • Diving platform
  • Stand up paddleboard
  • Kayaks / Canoes
  • Fishing equipment
  • Yoga mats
** Use of certain equipment at additional cost, ask for details
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