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Private Charter


A handcrafted, private riverboat famed for its pioneering exploration of the Brazilian Amazon.


Departing from Manaus, the Iracema is a traditional wooden-hulled riverboat with 12 bunk rooms. This lovely boat is exclusively available for private charters of up to 24 guests with bespoke itineraries.

Welcome Aboard The Iracema

The 12 air-conditioned bunks with en-suite bathrooms are just the tip of the amenities available aboard the Iracema. The 26.39-meter boat features an upper deck with a large observation deck. Spend a relaxing afternoon sunbathing here and return in the evening for stargazing or a dinner grilled on the barbeque.

The observation deck is also a prime spot for getting a bird’s-eye view of the ‘Meeting of the Waters’. Near Manaus, the dark water of the River Negro and the tan water of the Solimões River flow side by side within mixing, creating a breathtaking scene of multi-hued water.

On the second deck, you will find the dining area, bar, and library. This cozy space will quickly become your favorite for lingering over delicious meals, settling down to read out of the sun, and sipping a cocktail while recounting the day’s adventures.

Tailormade Itineraries For Your Group

The beauty of a private Iracema Amazon cruise is the ability to select the length of your stay and the activities that fill your days. Wildlife lovers will enjoy a canoe trip along the Xiboreninha Channel to spot rare birds and caimans among the Victoria Regia water lilies. A favorite among many guests is a visit to Novo Airão. This area, also known as ‘Dolphin City,’ is home to large numbers of Amazonian pink dolphins with which you can take a once-in-a-lifetime swim.

You will also have the opportunity to sail through the Anavilhanas Archipelago. This labyrinth of 300 islands is made of flooded forests and is home to a wide range of exotic wildlife. Other highlights include fishing for piranha, late-night safaris under a canopy of millions of stars, and visits to indigenous riverside communities.

Travel With The Pioneers Of Adventure Tourism

In 1980, Moacir Fortes, a native of the Copeá region of the Amazon, began sharing his knowledge and passion for the area with small groups of visitors. In the 40 years since, Captain Mo continued welcoming guests with stories, legends, and expert-level knowledge of the river and the area’s flora and fauna. Today, Captain Mo’s family continues his legacy.

The team can design itineraries for both first-time visitors and those looking to delve deeper into botany and primatology. In keeping with Captain Mo’s charismatic attitude, the focus is always on embracing the Amazonian people’s casualness and warmth.

If you are planning an extended family getaway, a corporate retreat, or a holiday for a close-knit group of friends, an Iracema Amazon cruise is a chance to make memories in one of the earth’s most unique environments.

Itineraries & Prices

All itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s or your guide's discretion.

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4 Day - Charter

Sample Itinerary
itinerary map


PM: In the early afternoon, we greet you at your hotel or the airport and transfer you by minibus to the Hotel Tropical, where the Iracema is moored at the pier. We welcome you on board with a welcome drink and give a briefing on the cruise and the ship.

After getting comfortable in your cabins, we will start sailing to the Meeting of the Waters while we enjoy the views of the city of Manaus and its historical buildings, such as the Opera House, Adolpho Lisboa Market, and the Custom House, and its vibrant harbor. The observation deck is the best place to enjoy the view as from up high we can appreciate more clearly the light and dark waters of the Rio Solimões and Rio Negro flowing side by side without mixing.

We continue to the Xiboreninha Channel where birds mingle with caimans among the famous Victoria Regia giant water lilies. Here we head out on a canoe excursion to get close up to the wildlife that resides in the narrow waterways the Iracema cannot navigate.

Dinner on board, followed by a night safari looking for the nocturnal creatures of the Amazon. Don't be surprised if you spot the glowing eyes of a caiman under the beam of powerful spotlights!

Iracema's 4-Day Charter Cruise Day One - Victoria Regis Giant Water Lily.
Manaus - Amazon River
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Anrã Channels, Village Visit & The Enchanted Lake

AM: This morning we rise early with the dawn to head out canoeing in the Anrã channels to experience the cacophony of the waking birds and other wildlife. 

After breakfast, we have the chance to come face-to-face with the infamous piranha, the most iconic fish in the area. Despite its fearsome reputation, it is easy and fun to fish for. How many can you catch?

PM: In the afternoon, a community of caboclos (Amazon riverside inhabitants), invites us to visit their village and reveal to us some of their customs and traditions, as well as explain how they live in this sometimes hostile environment.

Later, we make a trip to the Enchanted Lake, a huge region completely covered by aquatic vegetation. Get your binoculars ready to spot some of the birdlife that is abundant here.

Iracema's 4-Day Charter Cruise Day Two - Bird Life.
Amazon River
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Pagadão Hike, School Visit & Anavilhanas Archipelago

AM: This morning we venture out in our canoes to discover the flora and fauna residing in the area known as the Ponta do Pagodão. This is also an ideal place to hike through the rainforest. You'll feel every bit the explorer as you make your way through the dense undergrowth, passing by very tall Carapanaúba trees, with their huge and unusual shaped trunks, very typical of the region.

Later we pay a visit to the baré Indian's school to meet the children and see what the education system is like for those growing up in Amazonia. We will also have the opportunity to purchase local handicrafts sold on the banks of the Cuieiras River.

PM: In the afternoon, we sail through the iconic and spectacular Anavilhanas Archipelago, a labyrinth of the flooded forest made up of some 300 islands, home to numerous species of exotic wildlife.

After dinner on board, we explore the nearby channels in our canoes to observe nocturnal animals and admire the millions of stars of the southern hemisphere constellations.

Iracema's 4-Day Charter Cruise Day Three - Amazon Rainforest.
Amazon River
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AM: In the morning we visit Novo Airão, also known as the ‘Dolphin City’, so named for the high numbers of pink dolphins found in the area. These majestic creatures are highly intelligent and inquisitive, and always seem to be smiling! Prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime as you get to swim with them!

Next stop, relaxation time on the beautiful Praia Grande beach, with its long bars of golden sand, starkly contrasting against the dark but clear waters of the Rio Negro.

PM: After a final farewell lunch together on board, we arrive back where our adventure began and disembark at the Tropical Hotel's pier.

Iracema's 4-Day Charter Cruise Day Four - Swimming with Pink Dolphins.
Amazon River - Manaus
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Social Areas

Observation Deck
Buffet and group of people by the bar
Boat on the river
Observation Deck seen from the bank
People in canoes by the ship

Suites & Cabins

Iracema's Standard Cabin. Iracema's Standard Cabin - Bathroom. Iracema's Standard Cabin - Bathroom.
12 Cabins

Standard Cabin

6-9 m² / 65-94 ft²
Twin Bunk

These ample-sized cabins feature air conditioning, a wardrobe, a chair, and windows that afford guests the majestic view of the river and the private ensuite. Guests can also enjoy a refreshing shower in the private ensuite facilities that come with basic amenities, fresh towels included.

Technical Information

Deck Plan


  • Air conditioning
  • Lecture room


  • Satellite phone
  • Diving platform
  • Stand up paddleboard
  • Kayaks / Canoes
  • Fishing equipment
  • Yoga mats
** Use of certain equipment at additional cost, ask for details
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