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A Bird’s-Eye View Of The Amazon From Above By Floatplane


We at Rainforest Cruises have often wondered why you are given life jackets on a plane and not parachutes? It’s not as if you are given a parachute on any of our Amazon River boats (despite their commitment to comprehensive health and safety)!

However, with a new product we are offering in Manaus – floatplane tours of 30 minutes to three hours’ duration –  the reasoning is easier to see.

Aerial View Of Manaus, Brazil

Aerial View Of Manaus, Brazil

If you are heading to Brazil on your Amazon Rainforest adventure, Manaus is your likely starting point. Before or after your cruise, be sure not to miss out on a floatplane tour which is the only way to get a bird’s-eye view of the Amazon from above and truly appreciate the sheer scale and splendor of this newly voted natural wonder of the world. And, of course, being a floatplane, there is the chance to land on the wide Amazon tributaries, and see the flora and fauna up close. Highlights include:

1. Crossing the edges of the Negro River and heading to the flooded forest area where season permitting, you will see the famous giant water lilies

Meeting Of The Rivers In Manaus

Meeting Of The Rivers In Manaus

2. Witnessing the spectacular and iconic Meeting of the Waters, where the light and dark waters of the Solimões and Negro Rivers collide. From on high is the best way to appreciate this remarkable phenomenon.

Overflying The Avilhanas

Overflying The Avilhanas

3. Overflying the Anavilhanas, one of the biggest riverine archipelagos on the planet, where the Rio Negro transforms into a great labyrinth of tree-covered islands and inviting beaches.

4. Enjoying the amazing experience of feeding and swimming with the native pink dolphins of Novo Airão

For more details of floatplane tours and seeing the Amazon Rainforest from above, please contact us.


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This entry was posted November 23, 2012
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