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Iguazu Falls Honeymoon: A Romantic's Guide To The Falls

Couple And Rainbow At Iguazu Falls

If you’re planning your honeymoon in either Argentina or Brazil, be sure to include the Iguazu Falls on your itinerary. In fact, you may even consider spending the whole of your honeymoon at the Iguazu Falls, which offers some luxurious accommodation options and a whole host of fun, adventurous and romantic activities. To see the Iguazu Falls for the first time is to see nature at its finest, with enough beauty to create a lifetime of memories. Read on for a romantic’s guide to things to do and where to stay on your Iguazu falls honeymoon.

The falls lie on the border between Argentina and Brazil with over 270 individual waterfalls that stretch for 1.5 miles. From the Brazilian side, you will get the best panoramic view, and on the Argentinian side, you will be walking in the cascades and enjoying wet and wild boat rides into the falls. Furthermore, the Iguazu national park is surrounded by incredible nature and exotic wildlife. The different paths give you an overview of the falls from many angles. On the Brazilian side, you’ll admire a panoramic view of the falls, while on the Argentinean side, you’ll be able to walk on a maze of walkways to enter the waterfalls and discover the luxurious and spectacular jungle. Wander in the heart of the falls with your true love and be charmed by the sound of the water.

Explore both sides of the Falls

A visit to the falls is a knee-buckling, visceral experience, while the power of the cascades plunging 260 feet in a thunderous roar of mist and rainbows among giant ferns, vines, and orchids, is a sight that will live forever in your memory. Regardless of which country you’re staying in, you really should try to visit both sides of the falls because each side offers a different experience. Crossing the border can be time-consuming, so save yourselves the hassle and book a package to explore both sides with a naturalist guide.

If you’re starting on the Argentinian side, you’ll begin by venturing into the tropical rainforests and waterfalls of the Iguazú National Park. Here, you are likely to find a variety of life including butterflies, monkeys, caiman, peccary, and deer, as well as abundant birdlife, especially parrots, toucans, and hummingbirds. After exploring the vast trail system on foot, board a small train and journey a few miles to the Devil’s Throat Station which surrounds the upper part of the Iguazú River. Walk to the balcony of the ominously named Devil’s Throat. Shaped like a horseshoe, and including 14 waterfalls, this is the largest, most impressive, and dramatic water curtain in the whole system.

It is often said that on the Argentine side of Iguazu you feel the falls whereas on the Brazilian side you see them – 80 percent of them! So go the full Brazilian on a walking tour with your guide along the catwalks. Hear the falls resonating through the rainforest and revel in the full spectacle. End on a high at the upper part of the falls accessed through a panoramic elevator that allows you views to the upper Iguassu River.

San Martin Island At Iguazu Falls

San Martin Island At Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Picnic on San Martin Island

San Martin Island invites honeymooners to discover a little Eden, with luxurious vegetation, beautiful watchpoints, and river beaches. You can go there by boat and take a picnic on this paradisiac island at the foot of the falls.

The Devil's Throat Waterfall

The Devil’s Throat Waterfall

Honeymoon Accommodations

The Iguazu Falls offers newlyweds an excellent choice of accommodation options on both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides:

Awasi Iguazu, in a jungle setting on the Argentinian side of the falls, is a small and secluded lodge with only 14 rooms, each of which is a private villa with a vast double bed, an oversized bathtub, and a private plunge pool just for the two of you. This intimate hotel guarantees a personalized experience and attention to detail that you will hardly find elsewhere. During your stay, a guide will be waiting to plan your trip during the days that you’re there. You will discover many other interesting activities outside of the classic visit to the Iguazu Falls. The delicious regional food, wines, and cocktails are superb and you can either dine in the spacious restaurant or from the lofty outside veranda under the forest canopy.

The Belmond Hotel das Cataratas sits in a prime position next to the falls and is the only hotel within the Brazilian side of the national park. You can walk from the lobby to the falls in under 30 seconds. Bikes can be hired to explore the park, there’s a lovely pool surrounded by palm trees, a small gym, and a spa. Guestrooms are colonial-styled, with en suite bathrooms with bathtubs. There are 19 rooms with views of the falls but the garden view rooms are also delightful, looking out over the pool and the palms.

The hotel offers plenty of activities and tours, including the opportunity to join the sommelier in the wine cellar for a Brazilian wine tasting, during which you’ll discover the secrets of Brazil’s finest bottles. Due to this hotel’s amazing location, you will have the opportunity to visit the falls outside of the park’s opening hours, which allows you to have a romantic honeymoon stroll together at sunset, at dawn, or in the moonlight. Breathe in the aromas of the jungle as you chase iguana footprints, and take the route less-traveled towards the Falls’ viewing platforms.

Another hotel situated directly in front of the magnificent falls, but this time on the Argentinian side is the Meliá Iguazú, which offers unparalleled views and easy access to the walkways and viewpoints overlooking them. The hotel has 176 stylishly decorated rooms with views of either the waterfalls or the jungle, where toucans gather in the trees at dawn and dusk. You’ll be lulled to sleep by the endless crashing of the cataracts. There are four luxury suites each with a living room and a private solarium on a large terrace, perfect for honeymooners. Other features include a huge infinity pool with stunning views of the Devil’s Throat, a gym, and a spa with a special room for couples.

Raft Ride

Raft Ride

Enjoy an Ecological Raft Ride

From the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) train station on the Argentinian side, you can enjoy a serene sailing experience on a raft, covering the different islands of the Upper Iguazu River. You’ll be able to connect with the rich flora and fauna that distinguishes this riverside environment. An expert local guide will help you to discover the secrets of the jungle beyond the runways. This peaceful trip ends at the Tres Marías Port.

Take a boat ride into the Devil’s Throat

The Devil’s Throat is best viewed from the Brazilian side of the falls, which features a very high, 100-foot spray continuously shooting up over its falls, along with a striking rainbow. It’s one thing to stand back and take in this mighty riverscape; it’s another altogether to fully immerse yourself in it, so prepare for adventure as you board a speedboat for a wild and wet adrenaline rush. If you opt for the popular Macuco Safari, you’ll start your journey with a jeep ride through the rainforest canopy before transferring to a speedboat downriver. The views of The Three Musketeers and Devil’s Throat are unmissable.

Helicopter Flight Above Iguazu Falls

Helicopter Flight Above Iguazu Falls

Admire the falls from a helicopter

Anticipate a life-changing experience with a thrilling 10-minute flight above the Falls. Enjoy a unique perspective of the entire park and the colossal power of the tumbling waters.
You can also choose a longer 35-minute tour to the Three Borders Landmark where Brazil meets Argentina and Paraguay.

See the falls at full moon

If you can time your honeymoon to coincide with the full moon, what could be more romantic than feeling the pulse of the jungle on a nocturnal full moon tour of the falls. You may witness a lunar rainbow, a sight rarely seen by most. Traverse hidden trails as you spot bats, lizards, and other wildlife. These tours are led by biologists and last around 90 minutes.


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