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10 Fun Things To Do In Manaus, Brazil

Opera House, Manaus - Brazil

If you are traveling to the Brazilian Amazon, chances are you will be heading to Manaus, the gateway to this remarkable rainforest realm. As some inspiration for your itinerary, here are 10 of our favorite things to do in Manaus, Amazon River activities and more.

Things To Do In Manaus

1. Soiree with a Manatee

A trip to the Bosque da Ciencia (Science Forest) allows visitors to make friends with a variety of jungle animals, including otters, monkeys, and manatees. The entrance fee of just 5 Reais ($2.50) makes this a must, and don’t forget to stop by the nature museum!

 2. Shop like you’re in Paris

Manaus is renowned as “the Paris of the Amazon”, and amazingly a replica of the Parisian Les Hallesmarket can be found just ten minutes from the center of Manaus and is known as the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa. It was constructed during the rubber boom, and has just been extensively refurbished. Inside this local landmark you can find great deals on many local products.

3. Test your Tree Climbing Skills

For 240 Reais (around $100) you can climb above the canopy and scale a 120-foot tree. This monkey-eye view of the world’s largest tropical forest is truly breathtaking (quite literally), and offers the brave of heart an experience like no other.

Aerial view of a river whith two coloured water

Meeting of waters

4. Meeting of the Waters

One of nature’s most impressive spectacles – the Meeting of the Waters, or Encontro das Aguas – can be witnessed with the merging of the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes.

These two different colored rivers flow side by side for over 10 km, creating a fascinating natural divide before they finally merge to create the Amazon River as we know it.

5. Swim with Dolphins

The Amazon River in Manaus is home to an abundance of pink dolphins or botos as the locals call them, well known for their playful nature and long beaks.

An Amazon cruise is an ideal way to witness, and even swim, with these fascinating and beautiful river dwellers.

Crowded beach

Amazon River beach

 6. Picnic on a River Beach

The river beaches of the Amazon and its tributaries are certainly a memorable spot for a picnic, or even just to witness the mesmerizing sunset.

A mere 13 km from central Manaus is the Ponta Negra beach, with year-round temperatures ranging between 26 – 32 C. Just don’t forget your sunblock!

7. Become a Superhero

Nourish yourself with some superfoods of the Amazon. Ok, ok, they may not turn you into a superhero, but native fruits such as the acai and guarana are both delicious and packed full of nutrients.

Interior of a beautiful opera

Teatro Amazonas

8. Go to the Opera!

The Manaus Opera House, otherwise known as the Teatro Amazonas, was built in the 19th century during Manaus’ golden epoch when the rubber boom was at its peak. Take the guided tour through its grand galleries, traverse its gilded stairways, and relive the luxury lifestyle of bygone days. The ticket costs just 10 reales per person. If you can try to time your visit with the annual opera festival but make sure to book your tickets well in advance.

9. Stay In An Amazon Jungle Lodge

Surely one of the best ways to see the Amazon Rainforest in all its glory. Lodges are available to suit all budgets, ranging from the rustic to the luxury. All lodges, whether they are deep in the jungle, or closer to the city, offer optional daily tours such as piranha fishing, animal safaris, and jungle hikes.

Get closer to nature, and witness the dazzling night sky without the interference of light pollution – a stay in a jungle lodge truly is an experience you’ll never forget.

Amazon river

The Amazon

10. Embark On An Amazon River Cruise

What top 10 things to do in the Amazon list would be complete without an Amazon cruise? The feeling of sailing downriver and witnessing the beauty of the rainforest unraveling is something to behold.

From budget to luxury, Rainforest Cruises has you covered. Brazilian Amazon River Cruises range from 2 to 10 days in duration and offer a wide selection of daily excursions and activities. For more information, contact our destination specialists.


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