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Luxury Amazon Jungle Lodges In Peru

Looking for the best Luxury Amazon Jungle Lodges In Peru? Choose from the finest lodges available in Peru Amazon, hand-picked by our destination specialists. Operated by only the most trusted of partners, these lodges have been carefully selected for their authentic design, customer service excellence, and extraordinary itineraries.

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Lodge at night
Lodge Stay Private Charter

Treehouse Lodge

A gravity-defying set of 12 treehouses soaring between 25 and 75 feet above the jungle floor.
Regions: Amazon, Peru
Destinations: Iquitos, Peru Amazon
rowing Adventure
family Family
Starting From
$695 USD
Per Person
3 - 4 Days
2 Itineraries
39 Guests
12 Cabins
Entrance of The Tambopata Research Center in Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Lodge Stay Private Charter

Tambopata Research Center

Pioneering lodge in the pristine rainforest of the Tambopata National Reserve near Puerto Maldonado.
Regions: Amazon, Peru
Destinations: Peru Amazon
rowing Adventure
Starting From
$849 USD
Per Person
3 - 5 Days
3 Itineraries
48 Guests
24 Cabins
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