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Situated in north-central Thailand, Sukhothai is an unassuming city that charms with its traditional rustic lifestyle. However, just seven miles from here rests the ancient capital of Thailand’s first Kingdom, Sukhothai. Literally meaning ‘Dawn of Happiness,’ Sukhothai was the birthplace of Thai art, architecture and language and during its golden era, from around 1238 to 1438, rivalled that of the mighty Khmer Angkor empire.

Dozens of Sukhothai’s historical ruins are now contained in a designated World Heritage Historical Park. Perhaps due to its remote location, Sukhothai sees a smaller number of visitors than its better-known counterpart, Ayutthaya, but is by no means less impressive. On fascinating Sukhothai tours, marvel at the remains of ancient royal palaces, Buddhist temples and historical monuments, interspersed with trees and ponds.

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