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Bolivia Trekking & Cycling Death Road

An extreme experience with Bolivia trekking tour to Huayna Potosi and Yungas "Death Road" bike ride.


Get set for your adventure of a lifetime with this extreme 7-day Bolivia Trekking and Cycling Death Road tour. Experience the great outdoors with a trek and camping excursion in Condoriri National Park and a mountain biking excursion on one of the deadliest roads in the world. A stay in the breathtaking city of La Paz is also included before your tour ends, providing you with a taste of the many thrills Bolivia has to offer.

Trekking Bolivia’s Condoriri National Park

After a night in the bustling city of La Paz, you’ll head north to Condoriri National Park for a three-day trekking and camping adventure. When it comes to Bolivia trekking tours, this region is home to the best of the best.

Condoriri National Park itself is massive and offers a serene natural landscape of shimmering lakes and sky-touching snow-capped mountain peaks. Your first day on the trails showcases the beauty and quiet of the natural elements found here. On your second day of hiking, you’ll start early and reach the gorgeous summit of Huayna Potosi, which sits at just over 6,000 meters above sea level.

After completion of the Condoriri to Huayna Potosi trek and your return back down to the park, you’ll continue exploring the area with a visit to Milluni Lake. The village here is mysterious in its own way, with a famous cemetery serving as a monument to mountain climbing. Afterward, you’ll return to La Paz for the night.

La Paz

Transition back into the noise and bustle of modern-day life during a full day in the charming city of La Paz. Discover the many indigenous, colonial, and modern features of the city and roam its historic center, bustling squares, and local landmarks. Discover cathedrals and palaces, and enjoy the tastes of the local cuisine. You’ll also visit the nearby lunar landscape of Moon Valley and take a ride across the sky aboard the Teleferico, the longest and highest cable car in the world.

Cycling Death Road

Just northeast of La Paz lies the Yungas Mountains rainforest, and this is the location for your next extreme adventure. Here you’ll traverse one of the deadliest roads in the world on mountain bikes, stopping along the way for lunch and to capture spectacular views. Your guides will assist you in navigating narrow ledges and avoiding steep drop-offs as you cycle along while also keeping the experience thrilling and memorable. All gear is provided and maintained during the adventure by your expert bi-lingual guides as well.

At the end of this incredible day, as you settle into your hotel in La Paz for one last night, you’re sure to have plenty of stories to tell of your experience cycling Bolivia’s “Death Road” and so much more.

Itinerary & Prices

All itineraries are subject to change due to seasonal weather conditions (and resultant variations in river and tributary water levels) affecting accessibility to locations. Thus navigation routes, times and excursions may need to be modified at the cruise captain’s or your guide's discretion.

7 Day - Bolivia Trekking & Cycling Death Road
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Welcome to La Paz!

Welcome to Bolivia! After arriving at La Paz Airport you’ll be warmly greeted by your awaiting bilingual guide and private tranportation for the half-hour journey downtown to your chosen hotel. Along the way, your guide will provide their passionate insight into this breathtaking Bolivian city, the highest de facto capital city in the world at 3,650 m (11,975 ft) above sea level.

Meals (X)

La Paz
1 / 7

Condoriri National Park

On your second day, you’ll head out into Condoriri National Park, which is just north of La Paz. You’ll spend two nights camping in this serene natural landscape, nestled among mountains and lakes galore. You also don’t have to worry about carrying your own luggage – your guides will have pack llamas to do that for you.

This national park is massive, encompassing a huge chunk of Bolivia. Here you can see nature the way it was before civilization, complete with snow-capped peaks, wildlife, and tons of greenery. As you climb the various peaks, you’ll rediscover your love of Mother Earth as you get to see gorgous views that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Another benefit of this two-night trek is that you get to get away from the cities and experience quiet isolation. The atmosphere from La Paz to Condoriri is somewhat extreme. At night, you get to camp under the stars with only the sounds of wind and animals to help you fall asleep. You’ll also visit Chi ‘Yar Quta Lagoon and the nearby village. By the end of the day, you’ll be at about 4,600 meters above sea level.

Meals (B, BL, D)

Tuni Condoriri
2 / 7

Huayna Potosi

There’s nothing like waking up in nature next to snow-capped peaks. Day three will start early with a light Andean breakfast prepared by your guides. Be ready for lots of hiking, as you’ll explore two mountain passes, including Huayna Potosi, which is one of the most gorgeous summits in the whole country. You might also see other tours as this mountain gets plenty of visitors throughout the year. At its highest point, you’ll be over 6,000 meters above sea level.

Overall, you’ll spend about seven to eight hour hiking in Condoriri National Park, and you’ll be provided meals along the way. At night, you’ll camp again at about 4200 meters above sea level.

Meals (B, BL, D)

Chiarkhota Lagoon
3 / 7

Condoriri National Park, Milluni Lake & La Paz

Today is the last day exploring Condoriri National Park. In addition to exploring the mountains, you’ll visit Milluni Lake. Milluni has a famous cemetery, complete with many gravestones and mausoleums, both for locals and hikers who died in the area. This cemetery is a monument to mountain climbing and the fact that it is both an awe-inspiring and dangerous hobby.

You’ll only be hiking for half the day today, as a truck will meet you in Milluni to take you back to La Paz. You’ll spend the rest of the evening in the city, which you’re free to explore before heading to bed. There are many excellent restaurants in La Paz that can remind you of some of the pleasures of modern life.

Meals (B, BL)

Maria Lloco
4 / 7

La Paz, Moon Valley & Teleferico

Enjoy a hearty breakfast at your hotel ready for this morning’s half-day city tour of La Paz, including a visit to Moon Valley and chance to take the Teleferico. Beneath the majestic Illimani mountain, La Paz is a chaotic carnival of color and noise, where indigenous, colonial and modern worlds meet and new adventures lurk around every street corner. Explore the local landmarks of its historic center, taking in the bustling squares, palaces and cathedrals, not to mention the mysterious Witches’ Market. Later, visit the lunar landscape of the nearby Moon Valley – a nickname given by Neil Armstrong himself in 1969 when he came to La Paz after the region reminded him of his famous moonwalk – and admire its colossal clay spires steeped in legend.

For the finale, you’ll hop aboard the city’s towering Teleferico for a sky-ride between the depths of Zona Sur to the heights of El Alto, and enjoy the incredible views that only the world’s longest and highest cable-car can afford. The afternoon is yours to spent at your leisure, a chance to rest up after the morning’s exertions or for the adventurous to discover the city’s hidden treasures. Why not head out in search of the House of Congress’ backwards clock, paying homage to Bolivia’s indigenous heritage, or the ‘hidden’ works of famous architect Eiffel in the form of the bus station and Museum of Contemporary Art.

Meals (B)

La Paz
5 / 7

Biking to the Death Road

You’ve already spent three days and two nights hiking the peaks and valleys of Condoriri National Park, and now your biking adventure awaits. After breakfast at the hotel, your guides will take you to Yolosa, which is northeast of La Paz. There, you’ll take mountain bikes through the Yungas Mountains rainforest.

This excursion is not for the faint of heart, as you’ll be traversing one of the deadliest roads in the world. There are around 200 to 300 fatalities per year as buses and other vehicles careen off the steep edges. Since you’ll be on mountain bikes, the trip won’t be as dangerous. Plus, your guides can help you navigate the narrow ledges and steep drops as you go.

For lunch, you’ll stop next to a river within the rainforest so that you can get some incredible views with your meal. Then, you’ll return to your hotel with plenty of tales to tell your friends and family back home. Dinner is not provided, but you can find food in La Paz once you get back.

Meals (B, L)

Mountaing Biking to Yolosa
6 / 7

Farewell to Bolivia

Today we bid a fond farewell to Bolivia with treasured memories of the amazing adventures you’ve had. At proper time you’ll be transfered from your hotel to La Paz Airport, approximately half an hour from downtown, in good time for your international flight home.

Meals (B)

La Paz Departure Flight
7 / 7
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