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Vietnam Travel Guide

The definitive Vietnam travel guide with expert tips, advice and ideas for planning your Vietnam trip for the most rewarding of Vietnam vacations.

Couple on the beach in Vietnam
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Vietnam Honeymoon: Destinations Ideas & Romantic Resorts

With its stunning natural beauty, warm hospitality and world-class luxury accommodations, a Vietnam honeymoon makes a wonderfully romantic way to embark on newly-wedded bliss. Surprisingly, even Vietnam’s cities are alluring, infused with […]
Ship on a Saigon River at sunset
  • Tips

Where To Stay In Vietnam: The Best Hotels & Areas

Where to stay in Vietnam, depends on what type of vacation you’re after and the kind of experience you’re looking for, in one of Southeast Asia’s most mesmerizing and dramatically beautiful countries. […]
Boy walking through the rice field
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Vietnam With Kids: Top 10 Things To Do With Family

Vietnam with kids promises to be a magical and memorable experience like no other. The Vietnamese are super-friendly, welcoming and surprisingly fun people who adore children – be prepared for your little […]
Aerial view of Halong Bay in early morning
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14 Halong Bay (Vietnam) Tourist Attractions You Must See

Composed of a multitude of limestone islands as well as islets rising from the sea in various shapes and sizes, Halong Bay is a spectacular seascape gorgeously sculptured by nature with a […]
Sampan in the Mekong Delta canal
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Where To Stay In The Mekong Delta: 7 Best Boutique Hotels

The Mekong Delta forms the far southern region of Vietnam and is the rice bowl of the country. Dominated by the Mekong River and its many tributaries, the surrounding lands are comprised […]
women selling flowers on a boat
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10 Best Tourist Attractions In Vietnam You Have To See

The choice of Vietnam tourist attractions is staggering; this mesmerizing country blessed with jaw-dropping natural beauty, an unfair tally of World Heritage Sites, historical legacies extending from 10th-century pagodas to wartime tunnels, […]
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10 Best Places To Visit In Vietnam

With its stunningly beautiful and diverse landscapes and evocative urban centers brimming with cultural heritage in-between, there are so many places to visit in Vietnam, it’s hard to decide. Hopefully our top […]
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Mekong River With Kids: Top 5 Things To Do With The Family

The contrasting landscapes and cultural complexities of the lush Mekong River Delta in Vietnam layers one iconic scene upon another: rice fields; orchards laden with exotic fruits; farmers and fishermen in classic […]
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18 Best Places To Visit In Halong Bay

Designated a World Heritage Site in 1994, Halong Bay’s scatter of islands, dotted with water-eroded caves and grottoes, is a vision of ethereal beauty. Translated as “The Bay of Descending Dragons”, it […]
mekong delta carriage-market
  • Tips

14 Must See Mekong Delta Tourist Attractions

Mekong Delta has a water system that is over 33,500 miles long. The residents have built their lives around it, from the famous floating markets to the vast agricultural industries; a variety […]
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19 Best Places To Visit In The Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is a vast network of rivers, tributaries, stilt houses, and rice fields in southwest Vietnam, between Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia. The river itself starts in the Himalayas […]
Bo Hon island north of Halong Bay
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time To Visit Halong Bay?

With a mind-blowing landscape of limestone karsts emerging from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay ranks among the most impressive tourist attractions of Southeast Asia and is guaranteed […]
mollusk halong bay dish
  • Cuisine

Halong Bay Food: 12 Local Dishes You Should Eat

The magical Halong Bay is on every list of top things to do in Southeast Asia. Blessed with spellbinding scenery with islets and grottos, Halong Bay is also famous for its many […]
  • Cuisine

Mekong Food: 9 Dishes To Try In The Delta And Beyond

Known as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta has long-lasting agricultural traditions. Slow-moving waterways are alive with shrimp and river fish, while all year round, the fertile soil yields an […]
Street bbq bananas
  • Cuisine

Vietnamese Street Food: 5 Best Sidewalk Snacks You Must Try

When it comes to street food in Vietnam, or perhaps more specifically, ‘where can you find the best Vietnamese street food?’ it is highly unlikely anyone will recommend the same streets or […]
Young Vietnamese woman in the temple
  • Culture

Etiquette In Vietnam: A Guide To Good Manners For Travelers

Vietnam has been open to tourism for a long time, and over the years the citizens have seen all kinds of behavior, so anything goes, right? Not quite. Not at all in […]
Vietnamese translation of Hello
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12 Interesting & Fun Facts About Vietnam You Need To Know

Vietnam is not only beyond beautiful but also incredibly fascinating. You can live here for years or visit multiple times and it will still surprise you. For travelers, a trip to Vietnam […]
Detail relief in brick
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My Son In Vietnam: Visiting The Champa Sanctuary Ruins

My Son in Vietnam is an ancient temple complex built between the 4th and 13th centuries, principally in dedication to the goddess Shiva, one of the foremost deities of Hinduism. Unequivocally one […]
Vietnamese military helmet on a bamboo pole
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War Tourism In Vietnam: A Guide To The Top Vietnam War Sites

For many travelers, the name of Vietnam still strongly resonates with the Vietnam War – one reflected so hugely in pop culture that it became well known not only to the participants […]
Hands of an elderly dressed in traditional clothes
  • Culture

Ethnic Groups of Vietnam: An Ethnological Guide To Vietnamese Tribes

If you’re considering a trip to Vietnam, you’ll already know that it’s one of the most varied countries to visit when it comes to landscape, climate, and culture. From the limestone islets […]
Colourfully lit large cave
  • Nature

Sung Sot Cave: Halong Bay’s Grotto Of Surprises

In the center of the picturesque Halong Bay, hidden among the imposing rock formations, lies one of the most magical and awe-inspiring caves in the world… A relatively small, seemingly unassuming opening […]
Local fisherman in the northern Vietnam
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time To Visit Vietnam?

The quick answer to this is: there is never a bad time of the year to visit Vietnam. No matter when you go, you’re sure to find things that make your trip […]
Dragon in the entrance to the temple
  • Culture

Temples in Vietnam: Dragons, Turtles, Whales & Shakespeare?

Despite being a communist country, officially atheist, Vietnam turns out to be a land of many beliefs and religions. There is Buddhism – both Mahayana and Theravada, there is Christianity in its […]
Aerial view of vendors' boats
  • Culture

Floating Markets of the Mekong River

It’s quite hard for anyone to choose which floating market to visit in the Mekong Delta. From the frigid Tibetan Plateau to the warm South China Sea, the Mekong River has defined […]
Couple on bicycles in the countryside
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The Top 13 Things To Do In The Mekong Delta

Imagine a world where everything is afloat, from wooden craft laden with fruit and produce, to restaurants and even gas stations! The Mekong Delta is a magnificent biological treasure trove of wildlife, […]
Small fishing boat at sunset near the bridge
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A Guide To The Red River Delta In Vietnam

In the north of Vietnam lies the Red River, the second-largest in Vietnam, famed for its terracotta hues that give it its name, and its delta, one of the highest populated areas […]
Sunrise over the Mekong
  • Inspiration

Upper Vs Lower Mekong – What’s The Difference?

If you’re planning a Mekong River Cruise, you might want to get clued up on your destination before you set off. The Mekong River starts at the Tibetan Plateau and runs for […]
Upper Mekong
  • Tips

When Is The Best Time To Do A Mekong River Cruise?

The Mekong River is among the largest in the world and flows all the way from the Tibetan Plateau through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. It is a vital resource for […]
Table of Vietnamese food
  • Cuisine

The Best Food In Vietnam: 9 Traditional Dishes You Must Eat

Traditional Vietnamese food is quite a challenging concept in itself. Vietnam has such a diverse food culture that continues to grow and develop to this day. The Vietnamese have their own regional […]
Coffee drip on a coffee cup
  • Cuisine

Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is unlike any other in the world. It starts with a unique flavor and aroma – a little bit like chocolate, a sweet smell and a bitter taste, a sensation hard […]
Cyclos in the streets of Hanoi
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The Top 6 Things to Do in Hanoi (Vietnam)

Hanoi is Vietnam’s eclectic capital, located right up in the North of Vietnam. Different from Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi is a curious mixture of eastern and western influences. The city […]
Entrance to the tunnel covered with straw roof
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The Top 6 Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City

Also known by its former name, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City sits in the South of Vietnam. It is thought of as the commercial capital of Vietnam, although the official capital is […]
Hoi An Japanese bridge
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Things to Do in Vietnam

One of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has no shortage of sights and activities that will entertain even the most discerning of travelers. From the bustling cities of Hanoi […]
Aerial view of the Mekong in Laos
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7 Interesting Facts About The Mekong River You Never Knew

One of the world’s great waterways, the mighty Mekong River cuts right through the heart of Southeast Asia, flowing through 6 countries in total and harboring an astonishing array of wildlife, landscapes, […]
Mekong aerial view
  • Nature

Where Is The Mekong River?

The mighty Mekong River is one of the most impressive waterways on the planet. Certified as the 12th longest river in the world at 2,700 miles (4,350 km), its basin draining an […]
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