4-Day Treehouse Lodge & Cattleya Charter Cruise

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Dear Matt,


I want to tell you how much fun our group had, first of all! Both the Tree House Lodge and the Cattelya [Charter Cruise] were amazing and I'll never forget this trip. It was amazing, having a tour group made of friends, and an incredible boat to ourselves. The food on Cattelya was superb. The treehouses and people at the lodge were fantastic too. It was good to go to the lodge first. I stayed in #7 which was wonderful, though a bit of a work out to get to. We collapsed into the air conditioning and comforts of the boat.

Cattleya Amazon Cruise

Cattleya Amazon Cruise

The guides were super, our glimpse of the huge wealth of wildlife and some of the communities. My favorite was the big Strangler Fig Tree Ricki took us to and actually my other favorite memory is actually the early morning I went off alone in a kayak at the lodge. Finding a berry bush provided me with a parade of birds up close.

Treehouse Bungalow

Treehouse Bungalow

All the best to you Matt.

Robin Hanes, 

Virginia, USA. 

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