6-Day Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise Review

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We just returned from our trip to Brazil. Had a fantastic time especially on the Amazon Clipper Premium Cruise. The facilities on board were really fantastic. Also the day to day program was really well organized and thought about carefully by the guides. We saw lots of different birds but unfortunately not so many animals and fauna as we were expecting. Overall we had a really great time on board.

Amazon River Dolphins

We booked our cruise through Rainforest Cruises and were really amazed at the facilities they had to offer on board. We really had a fantastic time on board. We had english speaking guides who were really helpful through out the cruise. They had organized day to day activities which were really great: Piranha fishing, swimming with pink dolphins, bird watching were just a few amongst other activities they had arranged. Overall, had a really great time and would definitely recommend anybody to book through them. The booking process was also very simple and Remi was really helpful throughout the whole process.

Pragna P.

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