Amatista Amazon Cruise & 5-Star Machu Picchu Tour Review

  |   Amatista

I wanted to thank you both for putting together a great trip [Amatista Amazon Cruise and 5-Star Machu Picchu Tour]. It was perfect!  Our accommodations were lovely, guides very good and people in Peru could not have been more gracious. All the transfers, flights etc. were like clock work.

Amatista cruise testimonial


The hiking in the jungle was tough but I am proud of myself for hanging in. I was the oldest on the trip and all the “youngsters” were very helpful as were the guides. The staff on the boat couldn’t have been better. Loved the boat.

Amatista cruise testimonial


So... thanks for rearranging the trip from the one we cancelled in 2014 to changing all the papers so I could take my daughter with me. The only thing missing was Vito.  



Linda Randall



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