Awapé 8-Day Amazon River Cruise Review

  |   Brazil

"Good Day Jeremy, 

With regard to our trip to Brazil, particularly the Amazon cruise, we had a wonderful time.  We turned out to be the only guests on Awape and that was great as well.  Our guide, Noa, the Captain Tito and the rest of the crew were knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.  The cook/chef prepared excellent food and drink the entire trip... certainly a highlight of the excursion.  An indication of the type of fare we experienced was that we had 16 desserts over that time without a single repeat.

Awapé Amazon Cruise Excursion: Photo from Irv Gerling

Awapé Amazon Cruise Excursion: Photo from Irv Gerling

Moving up some of the smaller tributaries (only possible with the high water), along with the depth of the amazing reflections from dense overhanging canopy, could be likened to flying through a green cathedral.  Unfortunately, it was not possible to capture adequately on film. We saw caiman, a variety of colorful birds, monkeys, etc.  In truth, pictures really cannot do justice to the vastness and variety of the Amazonian environment."


Irv Gerling



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