Brazilian Amazon Cruise Aboard Tucano

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Hi Remi,

My friend Margaret and I just can't say enough wonderful things about the trip [aboard the Tucano Amazon Cruise in Brazil], it was outstanding in every way.  There is no detail that was not covered, and I think the other nine passengers felt the same.


The scenery was, of course, spectacular.  The crew, guides and the cook (we couldn't believe what she was able to do in such a small space) were all very knowledgeable, friendly, and highly professional. The boat was beautiful, just the right size for our taste and desired comfort level--and the food was delightfully good.   

tucano amazon cruise review

We also really enjoyed the excursions on the canoes and kayaks and the visit to a local family. The dinner one the last night with wine and the musician brought on board for entertainment was a great last touch. It truly was the trip of a lifetime, which is exactly what I hoped it would be. It was a bit of a risk going with something unknown from the internet, but it was so worth it.  


I really appreciate all your professional courtesy and help on everything.  Attached are a couple of pictures of Margaret and me (I am the short one) -- we did not get a lot of action shots with the two of us, just lots and lots and lots of gorgeous river scenery (attached a couple of these -- the cloud formations were amazing).  Let me know if you need any further testimonials, we would be happy to.  


Best regards, Katie

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