Cattleya 5-Day Cruise

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"Hi Jeremy,

Cattleya cruise testimonial

The trip on the Cattleya [5-day cruise] was the trip of a lifetime. The service on the boat was outstanding and the food amazing. It was really a trip that enhanced all the senses.

The sights and sounds of the jungle were amazing and the crew on the boat were all so friendly and went out of their way to make the trip so special for us. We really enjoyed going out in the skiff each day exploring the various tributaries and channels of the river seeing so many birds and animals.

Cattleya cruise testimonial

We really enjoyed the walk in the jungle and we had a close encounter with a tarantula and a boa constrictor. We were able to see sloths and pink dolphins and the amazing giant lilly pads. We also saw several varieties of monkeys. One day we visited a village and were able to talk to a local family through our guide and learn about their way of life. It was a humbling experience.

We would certainly recommend Cattleya to anyone wanting to see the incredible ecosystem that is the Amazon basin. Many thanks for organizing it."

Jenny & Ron Lister
NSW, Australia

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