Cattleya 8-Day Cruise

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"Hi Matt,

The [8-day] cruise on the Cattleya was fantastic. When our naturalist, Ricardo, met us in Iquitos, he told us that we would be the only passengers. Thus he was able to arrange things so that I was able to do everything, even two village visits. One of the two he chose especially because it had a paved sidewalk (thanks to the government, so we could even take along my folding wheelchair and use it there. The other village was also suitable for the wheelchair.

Because it was the rainy season, many of our expeditions aboard the skiff took us into the flooded forest, where we certainly enjoyed the experience of being so close to nature. Our sightings of birds, other animals, and rainforest plants were outstanding, and Ricardo not only pointed them out and gave information about them but also excelled at giving information about their interactions and inter-dependencies.

Of course we felt luxuriously pampered with the whole crew of ten at our service. The only downside to the experience is that now we are spoiled and, alas, we will never again travel in such luxury, with such personal attention.

We wanted you to know directly how well it worked out and how appreciative we are of your help. With thanks,"

Marilyn & Hugh Whiteley

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