Cusco and Treehouse Lodge Review

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The trip went very well with no snafus on your part. All your drivers and guides were very good and on time! We had a worry-free vacation from the time you picked us up in Cusco until you dropped us off at the Lima airport to go home. I know Carlos was worried about getting us back to Iquitos through the protester's roadblocks but we made it.


Treehouse Lodge Review
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Attached in this email and a few to follow are some of our pictures [from the Treehouse Lodge in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest]. Except for one pick, they all have at least one of us in the picture. I figure you have plenty of excellent stock photos of the places we went! You can use any of the pictures for whatever purpose you want! Let me know if want any more of any particular site if you need them!


Bruce, Liz, Carol, Bert, Joe, Kathy

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