Delfin Cruise and Peru Tour

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It would be impossible to convey all of the amazing parts of the trip, but the team at Delfin Amazon Cruises really knows what they are doing. The service was both impeccable and relaxed. Each team member offered us warmth, professionalism and a deep pride in their country.

I had never been on a cruise or a packaged vacation, and I had some hesitancy. I was nervous about being trapped on a small boat with just a few other people. But everyone got along really well. We are still in touch and I hope to see them later this year in London. The boat is small, but gave me lots of privacy. Having a private deck is a godsend for an introvert on a vacation!

I was worried about some of the activities and what it would feel like to be a Western tourist visiting the jungle villages of the Amazon. I spent a lot of time understanding the relationships Delfin has with its guides and local suppliers and the staff was very transparent about their philosophy. Every local field guide or villager we met was treated as an expert in their field who we were honored to learn from. There was a clear respect for their knowledge and an understanding of the exchange that was taking place.

Everything was prompt. Everything was smooth. Everything was delicious. I learned that tarantulas have very soft legs. I saw dozens of different birds, graceful sloths in their own habitat, many kinds of monkeys, river dolphins. Beautiful snakes.

Just truly an incredible experience. I wish I was wealthy and could book a trip with you each year.


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