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Hi Daniel,

Yes we are home safely.  We had an amazing time in Peru. The weather was absolutely perfect.  In fact it seemed that everywhere we went we brought the sunshine. We should have been charging for that service.  We did get a little rain during the cruise, but in the rainforest I guess you would expect that.  And it wasn't enough to keep us from doing what was planned which was good because the hike we had in the jungle was unforgettable.  The locals managed to find us all sort of wildlife to look at.  From Anacondas to Tarantulas.  From Poison Dart Frogs to a 16 foot Red Tailed Boa.  And then of course all of the bird life and beautiful scenery.  It was truly a great experience.  The Delfin III Amazon cruise was very comfortable and all of the staff were very helpful and gracious, and you couldn't ask for better food.


Machu Picchu Amazon Tour


The land portion of the trip, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, was just as enjoyable. The guides were all excellent and more than willing to share their knowledge and excitement for Peru's past.  We were totally impressed by how well we were looked after by the entire ground crew and their desire to make sure we had a great time.  Everything in the itinerary went as planned so our hats are off to you and your operations staff for making it one of the most enjoyable trips we've had.  We talked to a number of people especially during the land portion of our trip who were quite impressed with the arrangements that had been made for us and the fact that everywhere we went we had our own personal guide.  There were also a couple that made the same comment during the cruise.  I've passed along your contact info to a few of them so you may be hearing from them in the future. 


The hotels worked out very well. We absolutely loved our hotel and room in Sacred Valley.  The hotel in Machu Picchu was basic, but for 1 night it served the purpose.  The rest of them were very comfortable and offered everything we needed.  The only negative we found with staying at hotels within the same chain was that the buffet breakfast was identical in every location which got a bit boring after a while.  But our loyalty to their chain did pay off for us on our last night in Lima to the point that we cancelled our booking at the Atton in San Isidro and stayed again in Miraflores. 


Delfin III Amazon Cruise Review


We also managed to try a few of the food suggestions you made, but didn't go so far as to try the Guinea Pig.  That was partly because many of the locations in which we ate didn't have it on the menu and secondly because we got up close and personal with about 20 of the little critters in a visit we made to a home in Ollantaytambo.  We also put a very small dint into the 6000 different varieties of potatoes grown in Peru. 


We are currently in the process of going through almost 2000 photos that we took during the trip.  Our habit is to create and print a book once we have pared down the number and decided on the best.  One of the options at printing is to create a separate digital version that can be sent via email.  If we get this done fairly quickly I can forward you a copy to look through.


Once again Daniel, we thank you very much for the arrangements you made for us and for the work of your operations unit.  It was truly a pleasure being on the receiving end of all that hard work and planning.  We still have the Galapagos on our bucket list so we may be talking at some point in the future. 


Take care and all the best,

Jim and Maureen L.

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