Iberostar Grand Amazon Family Cruise

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Hello Dan,

It was a great trip. It’s not surprising that my daughter and I enjoyed it—we love wildlife—but so did my wife, who was clearly dreading the trip. I’ll try to write up a description at some point. But I’ve attached some pictures and will separately send some videos, since they are very large files.

Iberostar Amazon Cruise Review

Thanks again for your help. We didn’t visit any tropical fish exporters. It may be that Barcelos is a better place for that. But we visited a great research facility/zoo in Manaus with an excellent guide. It’s called “INPA.” We also visited the regular zoo, which was also fun.

Amazon Pinks Dolphins

The Iberostar Grand Amazon is a very nice boat—not as elegant as a Crystal Cruise ship but better than the other lines we’ve tried. We’d also highly recommend the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort.



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