Jacaré-Açu 5-Day Cruise, Brazil

  |   Brazil

brazil cruise testimonial

"Hey Jeremy,

We had a great trip aboard the Jacaré-Açu [5-day cruise, Brazil]. The food was excellent, anyone going on this trip should be prepared to eat a lot of delicious fish. While one should not expect to see a lot of wildlife in the Rio Negro it is a beautiful landscape full of water and pink dolphins.

This is a very relaxing trip, but you can make your own excitement by swimming in the same spot you went looking for Caimans the night before as in this picture. The locals are eager to entertain and might even invite you into their home in the rainforest for a round of cachaça shots while listening to the steady call of the nearby nighthawks.

Rainforest cruises did a great job of securing our reservation and making sure that the outfitter put us on the boat that was advertised. I'll certainly recommend this trip to friends and family."


Scot McFarlane & Party
Corvallis, OR

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